As the morning bugle sounded, the boys at Timberlake woke up bright and early to a beautiful new day. They began by heading to breakfast where they devoured a meal of pancakes and sausage links. At the end of the meal, our very own Kent S. stepped up to the microphone to remind us all of the joyous news… today is Funky Monkey Friday. We howled our approval and vowed to make the day extra funky.

After this great breakfast to start the day, the campers let their voices be heard everywhere at camp with the morning yell. This morning Teddy M., Boone R., Reynolds A., Keefer M., Noah L-Y, Oliver G, Bay J, Thomas R, Reid S and Tyler J. departed on an exciting mountain biking trip at the Old Ford Trail System. A kayaking group of Griffin W., Geo P., Joe L., David C., and Graham W. also left for a trip to the Tuckaseegee River. Next, the campers headed to chapel (and stayed off the grass) where they sang worship songs and listened to a true story with Catherine Menendez about a time her younger brother got lost, based on Psalm 40:1. After a prayer, the campers left chapel to “go clean those cabins” and start activities.

In these activities, the campers showed tremendous growth and many earned bars for their efforts in their classes. Teddy M. earned a bronze bar in the activity of mountain biking and David C. raced his way to a bronze bar in swimming. In the activity of fitness, Conner C. earned his bronze bar and Ryland K. and Andres R. completed a half murph to earn their silver. William V. battled his way to a silver in airsoft. In disc golf, Ben A., Evan L.  and Tristan W. earned their bronze bar. Beckett B. also made progress towards a bar in archery by completing a grouping, and Gavin W. made progress towards his gold bar in basketball. After a great morning of activities, everyone met back up at the Tuck for a delicious lunch of chicken caesar wraps, pretzels, and potato soup. After the meal, cabin clean-up scores were announced, and they were very impressive. Although around half the cabins scored a 9 or higher, it came down to 2 cabin, but the cabin of Hawksbill edged out Stomper’s Knob with a perfect score of a 10. The results from last night’s evening activity were also announced. In junior camp, the Black Bears were victorious in bandits rancheros. However, the Golden Eagles made sure they also got to sing their tribe hymn by winning “stealing skins” in senior camp.

After these announcements, the campers headed to the best time–rest time. At exactly 1:50, the campers raced over to the trading post at the beach to enjoy their choice of a snack and a drink. For the rest of free time, the cabins of Stomper’s Knob, Little Slaty, Big Slaty, and Greybeard enjoyed a free swim, and the cabins of Huckleberry, Finch’s Landing, Further In, and Further Up enjoyed purchasing new Timber-swag at the clothing room. Campers also spent free time enjoying their favorite activities like swimming, gaga-ball, running the crooked mile, 9 square, beach volleyball, basketball, and disc golf. When free time finished up, the campers had a blast at their afternoon activities, and after a packed afternoon they enjoyed a dinner of cheese ravioli, biscuits, vegetables, and everyone’s favorite desert: Oreo dream. The campers were all thrilled to hear after dinner that senior camp would get to compete in bandits rancheros and junior camp would enjoy bonding with their cabinmates through cabin night. After the campers have a blast at these evening activities they will head back to their cabins for showers and devotions to conclude a fantastic Friday at Camp Timberlake. Make sure to check the article tomorrow to find out who wins Bandits Rancheros and for more Timberlake news

Have a great evening and God bless,

Ethan Wattles

Stomper’s Knob counselor

Proud Golden Eagle