Campers rolled out of bed cozy in their sweatshirts as it was a little cooler this morning. However, the weather quickly warmed up while we enjoyed delicious blueberry muffins and eggs in the tuck for breakfast. After the meal, the new CIT’s (counselors in training) for session three led the camp in the morning yell.

Following the morning yell, we spent some time worshipping our great God through songs and a true story from one of our program directors Molly C about a tragic time when she was stuck in a public restroom after the deadbolt had broken off. Thankfully, she was able to escape as maintenance had the right tools to open the door. She used this story to remind us that Jesus is the only one who has the right tools to save us from our sin. After reading John 14:6 and praying to close chapel, Molly sent the campers to “go clean those cabins!”

A few different trips set out on their epic adventures just after cabin cleanup. Nicholas D, John R, Asher C, Henry P, Connor C, Thomas M, Luke S, Griffin W, Radford W, and Bay J departed for a paddle on Lake James in the 12-passenger voyager canoe. They ventured far and wide ending up at a rock jump that boys enjoyed throughly. However, Woodson R, David C, Reid S, Zach M, and Reynolds A departed to go climbing today, specifically this was a bouldering trip. The final trip to leave today was an overnight backpacking trip and the brave eight men to take part were Keaton D, Tyler J, Max B, Benjamin C, Thomas M, Elijah M, Eli W, and Grant S.

While all of these awesome trips were taking place, things didn’t stop moving here at camp. Matthew A had the prize in his sights and earned his silver in rifler. One the other side of the ranges, Patrick P earned his bronze in archery. Over on the mountain biking trails, Davis P challenged himself on the trails and learned a better technique to corner on the berms in the trail.

The boys were ready to eat after a full activities and were happy to see we were having pizza casserole for lunch. YUM! After celebrating a three-way ie in cabin clean-up between Stomper’s Knob, Little Piney, and Further In, every camper was wondering who won Bandits Rancheros from the tribal game the night before. Archie D went to announce the winning tribe. Can I get a drumroll please… IT’S A TIE? That’s right, the tribes were so even that it was a tie, and a tiebreaker was forced to be played during free time today. We are all anxiously awaiting to find out the winner at lunch tomorrow.

The boys then went to their 3rd and 4th period activities to round out the afternoon before dinner. After a camp favorite dinner of Hawaiian Meatballs, rice, and penne pasta… AND NOW… the dining hall erupted with energy in anticipation for the evening activity. Archie, the sultan of fun, ran around the dining hall until he yelled… LITTLE CHIEF AND SHAVING CREAM WAR! Little Chief is a ceremony we have weekly in which we recognize the hard work that our boys have put in this week y announcing bronze, silver, and gold bars in activities. We also recognize commendations that a few campers from each cabin receive. We also call attention to the 3-year, 6-year, and 10-year sons of Timberlake. To round out the evening we recognize the rank promotions that some campers have earned on their journey to the highest rank of Little Chief! I will leave a list of all the promotions below.

Sons of Timberlake

3 Year
Benjamin A
Ferdinand B
Claude C
Caleb D
Wilson F
Oliver G
Lawson H
Beau I
Darby M
Henry O
Johnny R
Luke R
Charles S
Carter W

Bay J
Sam J
Evan L

6 Year
Charlie H
Joe L
Matt L
Theo T
Alexander W

10 Year
Mason B
Andres D


Counselor: Smith B
Camper: Sam N

Finch’s Landing
Counselor: Levon J, Henry D
Camper: Charlie C

Further Up
Counselor: Tripp C, Hagan S
Camper: Tyler S, Percy M

Further In
Counselor: Liam T, Luke Q, Briggs L
Camper: Liam T, James D, Darby M

Counselor: Elijah H, Nolan B
Camper: Lawson H, Sam J

Counselor: Keaton D, Teddy M
Camper: Luca S, Landon K

Little Piney
Counselor: David K, Patrick S, Kaden P
Camper: Patrick S, Reynolds A, David K

Big Piney
Counselor: John R, RH B, Theo T
Camper: Theo T, John R, Nico D

Stomper’s Knob
Counselor: Chance S, Oliver G, George P
Camper: Max W, Matthew A, William V

Little Slaty
Counselor: Benjamin A, Elijah M, Wesley T
Camper: Declan Q, Davis O, Thomas M

Big Slaty:
Counselor: Joey B, Tristan W
Camper: Ford B, Grady R

Counselor: Andres D
Camper: Ryland K


Rees R Graybeard Archery Bronze
Gavin W Big Slaty Canoeing Bronze
Thomas L Hawksbill Canoeing Bronze
Ben A Little Slaty Disc Golf Bronze
Evan L Little Slaty Disc Golf Bronze
Tristan W Big Slaty Disc Golf Bronze
Max W Stompers Diving Bronze
Miles C Big Piney Diving Bronze
John S Further Up Fitness Bronze
Liam T Further In Fitness Bronze
Blake F Huckleberry Fitness Bronze
Grant S Little Slaty Fitness Bronze
Max W Stomper’s Knob Fitness Bronze
Stewart W Huckleberry Fitness Bronze
Keaton D Turtleback Fitness Bronze
Wes D Little Slaty Fitness Bronze
Luke R Finch’s Landing Fitness Bronze
Eli W Little Slaty Fitness Bronze
Andres D Greybeard Fitness Bronze
Ryland K Greybeard Fitness Bronze
Davis P Little Slaty Fitness Bronze
Claude C Turtleback FItness Bronze
Rees R Greybeard Fitness Silver
Conner C Big Piney Fitness Bronze
Ryland K Greybeard Fitness Silver
Andres D Greybeard Fitness Silver
Ryland K GreyBeard Frog Catching Elective Mark
Teddy M Turtleback Mountain Biking Bronze
Rees R Greybeard Mountain Biking Bronze
Rees R Greybeard Riflery Silver
William V Stomper’s Knob Riflery Bronze
Liam T Further In Swimming Bronze
Hays S Big Slaty Swimming Silver

LC Promotions 


Beckett B-FL

Thomas C–UP

Henry D-FL

James D -UP

Griff G-IN

Elijah H-HK

Beau I-IN

Briggs L- IN

Luke R-FL

Richard R-TB

Hagan S-UP

Jack S-IN



Drew F-HK

Sam J-HK

Thomas L-HK

Percy M-UP



Nolan B-HK

Keaton D-TB

Lawson H-HK

Teddy M-TB

Chase S– HK



Liam T-IN



Beckett B-BP

Brandon B-BP

Hayes C-LP

Caleb D-GB

Nicholas D– BP

Oliver G-SK

Elijah M-LS

John R-BP

Patrick S-LP

Theo T-BP

Adam W-BP

Eli W-LS

Griffin W-SK



Matthew A-SK

Ferdinand B-GB

Bay J-SK

Oliver M-BS

Thomas M-LS

Henry O-LS

Davis P-LS

Jack P-LS

Peter Q-BS



Mason B-GB



Little Chief-

Well, that rounds out, yet another adventure filled day here at Camp Timberlake. Tune in tomorrow for more news on the exciting activities and trips that occur on our blessed Sunday.

David Reeder
Turtleback Counselor
Proud Black Bear
Go Clemson Tigers!