Reveille rang through the clear mountain air, signaling to the Camp Timberlake campers that it was time to wander down to the Tuck for the day’s most important meal: Breakfast! We enjoyed a hearty meal of biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns!

After announcing our presence to the heavens, it was time for some trips to head out. On our white water rafting trip, we had Woodland R, Freddy V, Hayes S, Louis W, Ben C, Reynolds A, Connor C, Reid S, and Peter Q. Our fly fishers today are Tristan W, Teddy M, and Griffin W. Our mountain bikers from yesterday spent the night under the stars and are still out there shredding more singletrack today! Those guys are Grady R, Richard B, Ben A, Bay J, Ford B, and Will S.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, it was time for chapel! We heard a true story from Big Piney counselor Colby S, about what God requires. The great news was that all He requires is for us to trust in Him and Him alone. What a comforting message that is! After chapel, it was time for the cabin clean-up finale. It was a hard-fought battle with many cabins in the running, but in the end, it was Hawksbill who retained the Golden Plunger for a 3rd straight session! Time to head to activities!

The highlight of the day was definitely the archery tournament our guys took part in. Eight of our best archers rode over to Merri Mac for a friendly contest! Our 8 competitors were Matthew A, Mason B, Ferdinand B, Ryland K, Alexander W, Patrick P, Rees R, and Evan L. They made us proud and brought home a well-earned victory!

Lunch came and went, and it was time for the best time, rest time! We spent a good portion of our afternoon getting all packed up and ready to head home tomorrow…. That doesn’t mean we didn’t leave time for one more big game, though! Instead of 3rd and 4th-period activities, we all gathered at Spencer’s Green for an epic water balloon battle we call Commando. An absolute classic here at Timberlake.

After a delicious dinner of country fried steak and mashed potatoes, it was time to recognize our guys for all their growth and achievements over the past week. Little Chief was full of bars, commendations, and promotions. Those are as follows…



Counselor: Blake F

Camper: John S


Finch’s Landing
Counselor: Finley R, Fox R

Camper: Walker F, Charlie C


Further Up

Counselor: Percy M, Milo C

Camper: Tripp C, Braxton B


Further In

Counselor: Liam T, James de L IV, Luke Q

Camper: Liam T, Darby M



Counselor: Lawson H, Hayden D

Camper: Chase S, Thomas L



Counselor: Teddy M, Claude R

Camper: Keaton de J, Claude R


Little Piney

Counselor: Wilson F, Oliver H, David C

Camper: David K, Patrick S, Reid S


Big Piney

Counselor: Theo T, RH B, Woodson R

Camper: Theo T, John R, Miles C


Stomper’s Knob

Counselor: Radford W, Bay J, George PC

Camper: Matthew A, Max W, William V


Little Slaty

Counselor: Declan Q, EJ B, Owen M

Camper: Thomas M, Joe L, Wes D


Big Slaty 

Counselor: Tristan W, Ford B

Camper: Hays S, Carter W



Counselor: Rees R

Camper: Ferdinand B



WIlliam V Airsoft Silver
Charlie S Airsoft Bronze
Walker F Airsoft Bronze
Luke Q Airsoft Bronze
Chance S Airsoft Gold
David K Airsoft Bronze
Richard R Airsoft Bronze
Bay J Airsoft Bronze
Joe L Airsoft Bronze
Davis P Airsoft Silver
Jack P Airsoft Bronze
Miles C Airsoft Silver
Adam W Airsoft Silver
Gavin W Backpacking Silver
Theo T Basketball Bronze
Theo T Basketball Silver
Miles C Basketball Bronze
Miles C Basketball Silver
Bay J Basketball Bronze
Charlie H Basketball Bronze
Becket B Basketball Silver
Charlie H Basketball Bronze
Briggs L Basketball Bronze
Luca S Basketball Bronze
Hayes C Basketball Bronze
Thomas C Basketball Bronze
Hayden D Basketball Bronze
Sam M Basketball Bronze
Kellan P Basketball Bronze
Brandon B Basketball Bronze
Braxton B Basketball Bronze
Edwin K Basketball Bronze
George S Basketball Bronze
Gavin W Basketball Gold
Walker F Canoeing Bronze
Braxton B Canoeing Bronze
Gavin W Canoeing Silver
Finley R Canoeing Bronze
John S Canoeing Bronze
Graham W Climbing Silver
William V Climbing Bronze
Woodson R Climbing Bronze
Davis O Climbing Bronze
Graham W Disc Golf Bronze
Tripp C Disc Golf Bronze
Darby M Disc Golf Bronze
Grady R Disc Golf Bronze
Elijah H Diving Bronze
George S Diving Bronze
Matthew H Diving Bronze
Miles C Diving Silver
Radford W Diving Bronze
Graham W Diving Bronze
Teddy M Diving Bronze
Bryson A Field Sports Bronze
Bryson A Field Sports Silver
Brandon B Field Sports Bronze
Thomas (Tripp) C Field Sports Bronze
Thomas (Tripp) C Field Sports Silver
David C Field Sports Bronze
David C Field Sports Silver
Edwin K Field Sports Bronze
Darby M Field Sports Bronze
Luke R Field Sports Bronze
Claude R Field Sports Bronze
Claude R Field Sports Silver
Richard R Field Sports Silver
Richard R Field Sports Bronze
Miles C Field Sports Bronze
Miles C Field Sports Silver
George PC Field Sports Bronze
John R Field Sports Silver
Davis O Field Sports Gold
Adam W Field Sports Silver
Milo C Field Sports Bronze
Griff G Field Sports Bronze
Elijah H Field Sports Bronze
Davis M Field Sports Bronze
Harris N Field Sports Bronze
Kaden p Field Sports Bronze
Luca S Field Sports Silver
Mason S Field Sports Bronze
Wilson F Field Sports Silver
Jack C Field Sports Bronze
James DL Field Sports Bronze
Matthew H Field Sports Bronze
Sam H Field Sports Bronze
Jack S Field Sports Bronze
Williams S Field sports Bronze
Hays S Field Sports Silver
Matt L Fitness Bronze
Wes D Fitness Silver
Eli W Fitness Silver
Luke R Fitness Bronze
Grant S Fitness Silver
Eli W Fitness Gold
Rees R Fitness Gold
Beckett B Fitness Bronze
Teddy M Improv Gold
Cameron L Improv Gold
Sam J improv Gold
Cameron L Improv Silver
Thomas L Improv Silver
Henry P Improv Bronze
Luke Q Improv Silver
Thomas R Improv Bronze
Patrick S Improv Bronze
George S Improv Gold
Charles S Improv Bronze
Liam T Improv Silver
Theo T Improv Silver
Graham W Improv Bronze
Beckett B Improv Bronze
David C Improv Gold
Keefer M Improv Bronze
Adam W Improv Gold
Ferdinand B Improv Bronze
Oliver H Improv Bronze
Lawson h Improv Gold
William K Improv Bronze
Patrick P Improv Bronze
John S Improv Bronze
Alex W Improv Bronze
Davis O Improv Bronze
Gavin W Kayaking Silver
Joe L Kayaking Silver
Teddy M Kayaking Bronze
Wilson F Kayaking Bronze
Alex W Mountain Biking Bronze
Bay J Mountain Biking Silver
Boone R Mountain Biking Bronze
Davis P Mountain Biking Bronze
Keefer M Mountain Biking Bronze
Reynolds A Mountain Biking Bronze
Will S Mountain Biking Bronze
Oliver G Mountain Biking Silver
Teddy M Mountain Biking Silver
Will S Mountain Biking Silver
Ben A Mountain Biking Gold
Grady R Mountain Biking Silver
Nolan B Riflery Bronze
Matthew A Riflery Bronze
Johnny R Riflery Bronze
Matthew A Riflery Silver
EJ B Riflery Silver
George S Riflery Bronze
Ben C Riflery Bronze
Thomas M Riflery Silver
Colin C Riflery Bronze
Rees R Riflery Gold
David C Swimming Bronze
Edwin K Swimming Bronze
Edwin K Swimming Silver
Matthew H Swimming Bronze
Ben W Swimming Bronze
David C Swimming Silver
Hayes C Swimming Bronze
Wes D Swimming Bronze
Jack P Swimming Bronze
Will W Swimming Bronze
Radford W Swimming Gold
HArrison D Swimming Silver
Chance S Swimming Silver
Lawson H Swimming Bronze
Drew F Tennis Bronze
Brandon B Tennis Silver
Thomas M Tennis Gold
David C Wrestling Bronze
Boone R Wrestling Bronze
Adam W Wrestling Bronze
Luke Q Wrestling Bronze


Little Chief Promotions


Braxton B

Charles C

Walker F

Edwin K

Claude R

Luca S

Stewart W

Harris N

Finley R



Thomas C

Luke Q

Cameron L

Johnny R

Charlie S



Tripp C

Thomas L

Darby M

Boone R



Lawson H

Teddy M




Miles C

Wilson F

David K

Evan L

Owen M

Woodson R

Carter W



Ben A

David C

Hays S

George S

Theo T

William V



Rees R

Chance S




Little Chief

Andres D