It was a beautiful morning here in Marion today, and as our campers wake up from a good night’s sleep we head down to breakfast. As we fill our bellies with bacon, eggs, biscuits, and oatmeal we are ready to begin another fantastic day here at Timberlake. As most campers head over to the chapel after the morning yell, the cabin of Big Piney gets to go on a cabin trip to Huntfish Falls, an awesome swimming hole where they get to have a blast away from camp today.


Back home we had a very productive and full day. Down by the waterfront in Diving class Reid S., William H., and Jonah N. all got their bronze, and in Swimming class Alex W. and Hudson S. earned their silver. Way to go guys! There was an intense doubles match on the Tennis courts today between Bradley J. and Andres D. versus counselor Caleb O. and the man himself John M. I’m sure it was one for the books! Over at the Archery Range, Ferdinand B. got his bronze. Way to go dude!


At lunch today we feasted on chicken Caesar wraps, tomato soup and a camp favorite, pretzel bites. We also found out which cabin was the cleanest in camp today…Stomper’s Knob! We also found out who won our games of battleball last. In junior camp the Golden Eagles reigned victorious while in Senior camp the Black Bears took the “W”. It is going to be a race to the finish for the banner this session.

Heading up to The Mark for Fitness class we had a great showing of how hard these guys are working to achieve marks and bars. Will R. and David E. both completed their sixth Crooked Mile run and Will S. and Davis O. earned not only their bronze but also their silver in the same day. That’s so awesome you guys, way to go! In Fitness class, we do something called a Murph, which is an extreme workout challenge that some of our boys attempt to complete, and today in 52:59 Ford B. did just that, great job and keep up the good work!


And as we come to a conclusion of this great day we’ve had here with a dinner of Ravioli, Junior camp heads out to do Cabin Night while Senior camp stays in The Tuck for a game of Tribal Trivia! Good luck to all our campers tonight and with that I bid you Goodnight and God Bless!


Colby Short

Big Piney Counselor

Proud Black Bear