Another amazing day at Camp Timberlake began this morning when campers and staff alike enjoyed an additional thirty minutes of sleep to recover from yesterday’s tribal intensity. The delicious waffle breakfast only complemented this beauty sleep and set our boys up for a successful day.

Delivering today’s chapel sermon was Lucie C., who talked gleefully of the time when her father saved her eight-year-old self from a gasoline-fueled disaster on the way to Six Flags. her powerful life story echoed and spoke to the truth of unquestioning and unjudging salvation through Christ.

Moving forward to daily activities, campers dispersed throughout all 212 acres of Camp Timberlake to engage in yet another day of active fun. Here are some highlights–including 3 Gold bars in 3 separate activities!

  • E.J. B. earned his Gold bar in Riflery and labeled his gun “Thesis Iron!”
  • Evans T. and Bradley J. earned Bronzes in Disc Golf!
  • Quinn S. completed the Deerslayer gauntlet to round out his Gold bar in Wrestling!
  • Bay J. earned his Gold in Canoeing after teaching Bronze to Dom C.! Hunter L. also earned Silver!

After a lengthy rest time and delicious lunch, campers treated themselves to Trading Post and eagerly watched as Quinn S. wrestled in the lake as part of his Deerslayer gauntlet. Of course, there were also the obligatory games of Gaga-ball, Spikeball, Tetherball, and 9-Square down at the beach. Staff also opened Disc Golf for a challenge round against seasoned veterans of the Timberlake Golf Course! Truly an exemplary free time!

Off doing their own thing today was Greybeard, who hiked Roughridge Trail and bouldered at Beacon Heights! Returning during rest time, they surely collapsed in their bunks and celebrated with a much-needed nap! Luckily, they got to experience the classic Timberlake afternoon storm, dropping the temperature and raising the spirits of all throughout camp–a light rain persists even now as I’m writing to all of you (and the campers are duking it out on the Battleball court! How exciting–we will be sure to update you on the victors tomorrow!).

Anyways, what an amazing day at camp! We on staff are all so glad to be able to have a hand in shaping the excellent young men here at Timberlake and want to thank all of the parents for giving us this one-of-a-kind opportunity. So, until next time. . .

Teddy Oakey

Further In Cabin Counselor

Canoe Guy

Black Bear 4ever

Nick B. Fan

Shelf Milk Supporter

Outer Space Appreciator