Today campers woke up to a crisp morning surrounded by mystic loveliness (fog). We were soon filled up with the best breakfast at camp, Geometry Breakfast. For those who may not know, Geometry Breakfast is a breakfast filled with shapes: Circle biscuits, sausage patties and eggs, square slices of cheese, oval hash brown patties. Put them all together with a little gravy and you’ve just created the perfect breakfast sandwich.

Following a great start to the morning, campers found out that today was Tribal Palooza!!! This is a day that we play tribal games all day instead of our daily activities. It starts out with the Hunger Games. For the Hunger Games the campers in the cabin of Greybeard compete in a free for all against each other. There are many weapons that they can use ranging from pool noodle swords, to dodgeballs and maces. Its an exciting event that no one wants to miss. Ryland K ended up winning the game soon after midday. While the Hunger games were going on the rest of camp competed in El Presidente, Bandits Ranchero and Capture the flag, camp classics all.

We also had some great trips go out today. Oliver G, Geo C, Max W, Joe L, Thomas M, and Boone K went kayaking and Oliver and Max got their combat rolls. Cooper E, Franklin P, Henry B, Laban G, Bennet J, and Luca V went on and awesome rappelling trip where they rappelled of a waterfall. So cool! Will R, Theo T, Jack H, Reed H, Thomas H, Bay J, Alex R, Oliver M, Hunter L, Lucas R, and Blake S also got to go whitewater rafting on the Pigeon River. Word on the street is they crushed it.

We headed down for lunch, which today was quesadillas, another fan favorite. This was followed by the best hour at camp, rest hour. After rest hour we had free time, during which Ford B and Owen S hit the airbag on mountain bikes while many watched in awe. Free time was followed up by a game of Stealing Skins, a favorite among staff. It was Black Bears vs Golden Eagles vs Staff. Absolute chaos. To wrap up the day we had barbeque chicken for dinner and the Little Chief ceremony.

The first group we recognized at Little Chief was the guys that earned bars in their activities. Those guys were:


 Backpacking-Bronze: Thomas M, Reed S and Silver Davis O

Canoeing Bronze: Matthew G, Micah G, Connor L, Hunter L, Sims R, Fritz S, Davis O, Oliver G  and Silver: Bay J, Davis O
Climbing Silver: Bo S
Diving: Bronze Andrew St J Turner B  and Gold  Matthew St J
Field Sports: bronze Aidan K silver Elliot S
Fitness: bronze Declan Q, John W, Isaac R, Alex W, Bo S, Quinn S, Elliot S and Silver John M, Quinn S, Elliot S, Isaac R
Guitar bronze Jonah N
improv: bronze Ryland K and Gold Theo T
Riflery: bronze Aidan H, Heath B, Peyton S
Rocketry: silver Davis O and Gold Ryland K
Tennis:  bronze David E and silver  Theo T
Wrestling silver Reynolds A, Christopher J, Quinn S, Reid S, Theo T, David C

Next we recognized counselor and campers commendations in each cabin. These are voted on each week by the counselors and campers respectively.

Finch’s Landing
Counselor: Fritz S, Rigby K.

Camper: Ford C, Walker S

Further Up

Counselor: Tyler R, John H

Camper: Harry K, Nick Van S

Further In

Counselor: Liam T, Will N

Camper: Liam T, Max M


Counselor: Wyatt B, Jack C

Camper: Jack S, Bennett J

Little Piney

Counselor: Chris J, Henry B

Camper: Reynolds A, Chris J

Big Piney

Counselor: Heath B, Theo T

Camper: Heath B, John M

Stomper’s Knob

Counselor: Cooper E, Bay J

Camper: Matthew A, David E

Little Slaty

Counselor: Matthew St. John, Isaac R

Camper: EJ B, Thomas M

Big Slaty: 

Counselor: Marcos C, Aidan K

Camper: Will S, Maverick H


Counselor: Alex W, Elliott S

Camper: Ferdinand B, Bo S

Next we recognized campers who had earned the next promotion towards Little Chief. Those guys were:

Scout: Sammy A, Ford C, John H, Aidan M, Will N, Sims R, Fritz S, Lewis S, and Cullen S.

Guide: Jack S.

Tracker: Reynolds A, David E, Christopher J, Reid S, Hudson S.

Warrior: Matthew A. 

Pathfinder: Davis O.

And finally we recognized our Sons of Timberlake. Every camper here at camp is a Son of Timberlake but we take time at these ceremonies to recognize certain groups (3rd 6th and 10th year) of guys who have continued to come back to Timberlake summer after summer as a way of saying thanks. Tonight we celebrated:

3 Year Sons of Timberlake

Henry B, Heath B, Dom C, David E, Boone K, Will R, Jack S, Cullen S, Hudson S, Peyton S

6 Year Sons of Timberlake

Elliott S

10 Year Sons of Timberlake

Carter B

It was another wonderful day here at Timberlake. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you tomorrow!
Jake Highfield
Finch’s Landing Counselor
Archery Instructor
Proud Black Bear