As the sound of reveille rolled through camp this morning, campers awoke to yet another glorious day here at Camp Timberlake. The boys moseyed their way down to the Tuck for a hearty breakfast of pancakes and bacon, a true classic. We then made our way outside for the morning yell and then it was time for chapel. The boys sang a few classics such as “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks” and “Every Move I Make” but were also met with a new song turned music lesson as the boys tried to sing in a round (you can all imagine how that went). We then heard a true story from our very own Caleb Owen and then it was time to go clean those cabins as the quest for the Golden Plunger rages on.

The boys continued their quest for mastery in activities this morning with Heath B. earning his well deserved bronze in riflery, Quinn S. battling for his silver in wrestling, Thomas M. and Reed S. grinding it out for their bronze in backpacking, David E earning his bronze and Theo T earning his silver in the activity of tennis, and Will S acing the bronze requirements for his bronze in Disc Golf.

We then made our way down to lunch where we were met with the great news of Turkey Croissant Club sandwiches with chips as well as broccoli cheddar soup and a salad at the neighborhood tables. After everyone finished up our own friendly neighborhood camp director John Menendez began to make his usual announcements but wait! He was interrupted by the two wave catchers from Topeka, Kansas, Chad and Also Chad. They begged to be able go surfing in the lake but were greeted with a firm no. They then had to resort to a new plan, one that was unspeakably difficult and sure to fail, surfing all the way across the Tuck. But lo and behold, Chad managed to do it and everyone went absolutely bonkers! After they made their grand exit, the cabin inspection scores were announced with the cabin of Further Up earning a first place score of a perfect 10 today! Well done fellas! Lunch announcements ended with Archie Dees announcing that the Golden Eagles won both Ultimate Basketball and Copa del Rio the night before! Well done Golden Eagles, but be wary for the Black Bears will be on the hunt for revenge in just a few hours. We then headed to the best time, rest time, as campers recharged for free time that lay ahead. Today free time entailed multiple activities being open for bars as well as the usual trading post and beach hangouts as well as a junior camp free swim!

Everyone then dispersed to their afternoon activities where campers at the Archery and Riflery ranges shot for groupings, Climbing got to climb the tower and Disc Golf was able to play the front 9. Campers also got to gain some new experiences as Theo T, David C, Frank S, Reid S, Reynolds A, Dominick C, Zach M, and Turner B got to go on an overnight backpacking trip and Carson B, Christopher B, Liam B, Cash K, Max M and Stephen G were able to be a part of the first ever Camp Timberlake afternoon and evening Fly Fishing trip!

After the bell sounded ending 4th period, we made our way down to the Tuck where we were able to enjoy a delicious Pork Loin, Scalloped Potatoes, Peas and Gravy with noodles and red sauce and Caesar salad from the neighborhood tables. We wrapped up dinner with a fantastic Peach Cobbler for dessert! After a few announcements the iconic “ANDDD NOWWW” rang through the Tuck as everyone went nuts as our very own Sultan of Fun Archie Dees announced that lower cabins would be playing Bandits Rancheros and upper cabins would have cabin night tonight! What a way to end the day!

Everyone will get in bed tonight unaware of whatever surprises tomorrow may hold!

Thanks for tuning in and keeping up!

In Christ,

Gresham Collins

Archery Instructor

Further Up Counselor

Proud Black Bear