A surprisingly rainy yet unsurprisingly fun day at camp was kicked into gear with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, savory sausage patties and biscuits. After breakfast and the traditional ‘morning yell’, everybody made their way to the chapel as a few lucky kayakers and climbers embarked on their trips to the Lower Green River and Beacon Heights. The kayaking trip was attended by HP, Harrison C, Jack V, Noah P, Mason S, Sam H, Ryker R, and Ryan H & the climbing trip had Luke T, William F, Lewis J, CJ R, Patrick F, Solomon P, Landon F, Graham P, and Ben H. Back at camp, however, activities were still underway despite the scattered showers allowing the heart of camp to keep beating and campers to continue learning new things with their friends. Garrett L demonstrated great sportsmanship in field sports class, and in kayaking class Alex F got his roll for the first time. The roll is a huge milestone for a kayaker’s confidence in the boat and we are excited to see Alex apply it on the river in the coming days. In archery, Phillip H shot a great bullseye, Gavin W hit two bronze-level groupings, and Sam C decided to present himself with the challenge of placing his notebook on the target and attempting to shoot it (with permission from counselors, of course). For lunch we had ham & cheese croissants, and afterwards learned from John that Greybeard would take the win in cabin cleanup once again. The Sultan of Fun (or more boringly known as Evening Activity Director) let us know that the Golden Eagles won last night’s game of Search & Destroy, and the banner race is only getting tighter as we move into the second leg of Session 1. In free time, Case M and Trevor T emerged victorious from a mud-filled airsoft tournament, and with afternoon activities drawing to a close our trips returned home safe and sound. On the kayaking trip, Jack V had an impressive roll in moving water, Noah P honed in on an advanced trick called ‘stern squirting,’ Harrison C demonstrated fantastic bracing, and Ryker R improved his surfing abilities in pursuit of his Gold bar in kayaking class. The entire camp family was reunited once again for a dinner of roasted pork loin, potatoes, and M&M cookies for dessert. After dessert, the Sultan of Fun revealed in typical chaotic fashion that the evening activity for today would be none other than the iconic Battleball. Battleball is widely recognized as a top-3 evening activity, so the dining hall was absolutely electric upon learning that it is being played tonight. Who will come out victorious? Only time will tell as the sun sets on another fantastic day at Camp Timberlake.

Signing off,

Graham Ryan

Proud Golden Eagle