This was a Sunday like no other! Today started out with an extra hour of sleep here at camp. Made our way down to the Tuck following the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk. After getting fired up during the morning yell we headed to Chapel where we sang “Come As You Are,” “For All The Saints,” “In His Name,” and “Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go.” Here at Timberlake on Sundays we pray for each cabin and then take off to clean those cabins. Everyone smiled big in front of their cabins for the photos that will hang in the yearbook forever. 

One aspect to this Sunday that made it special was we hosted our first ever Timberlake Triathlon. Eleven boys competed in one of the most challenging races camp has to offer and traveled over 5 miles of water and trails. Charles T, Gavin W, Henry O, Matt R, Wells F, Mason S, Will A, Charlie V, Wilson B, Wes D, and Jamie V all started on one side of the lake where the triathletes swam across to the beach exiting the water to the first transfer station. They then threw on shoes and took off on the mountain bike section of the race. Riding up Spyglass Hill and onto the Crooked Mile, the bike section was a total of 2.8 miles throughout the Timberlake trail system. Crossing over the bridge and back over to the transfer station, the boys hopped off the bikes, threw down some gatorade, and entered the final running portion of the race. Following the route around camp, the run was 2.15 miles and in dramatic fashion finished up at the Chapel. All the guys did awesome and can’t wait to host another race this summer!

Our Sunday activities were in full swing including fort building, sand castle building, frog catching, fishing, and Sunday at the Masters along our dic golf course. In activities Wilson B got his gold in diving and Banks P received his gold in canoeing. Our new activity pickleball hosted its first ever tournament which was smashing success up at the courts. Yet another special aspect about today here at Timberlake was we hosted a sibling day for all our families here across camps! The Merri-Mac girls arrived at lunch to have lunch and swim with their brothers for part of the afternoon. Everyone had a great time at the trading post, swimming in the lake, and on the dive tower. Once Merri-Mac left, we opened up a whole camp free-swim and soaked up all of the sun this afternoon had to offer. 

Dinner tonight was a camp classic and favorite, the Sunday cookout. All of the boys had their fill of burgers, hot dogs, chips, watermelon, cookies, and lemonade up on Spencer’s Green. From the cookout we headed to Vespers for some songs and skits performed by staff and campers. And as if Sunday couldn’t get any better, we ended with a tribal game of Gold Rush around the entire property where the Black Bears and Golden Eagles race to discover gold items hidden around camp. Can not wait to hear who won tomorrow and I’m sure everyone here at Timberlake will sleep hard after a big day of fun activities everywhere. Happy Sunday everyone!

Caleb Owen

Program Director

Proud Black Bear