It was a cool, windy morning to start the week here at Camp Timberlake as everyone came down to the tuck for breakfast. This morning we ate a big meal of French toast, sausage, and biscuits, with the yogurt bar as another option. After a hearty meal, the campers were fully awoken by the morning yell before chapel. The boys sang great songs ending with “Blessed be your name” and the camp hymn. Our head of disc golf Jordan B told a great true story illustrating our need to trust God in all things, and he then sent the boys to “GO CLEAN THOSE CABINS!” 

With the start of the week kicking off, we had three trips depart for some excellent adventures today as well. We had nineteen boys set off for a rafting trip to the French Broad River today. Those who went were Pace W, Gus A, Quay B, Nolan B, Clark B, Hayden B, James B, Michael C, Churchill C, Luke F, Lewis J, Sam J, Tyler J, Peter K, Bubba L, Brooks L, Baylor P, Hunter P, and Nicholas R. We also had a Fly Fishing trip depart to Wilson’s Creek where many fish were caught by Alex D, Henry D, Hayes T, Ellis W, Grayson B, and Sullivan R. The third and final trip of the day was an advanced mountain biking trip in Black Mountain. The trail is known as Kitsuma, and it’s a well-built trail known for having a difficult climb and long, fun descent down to the bottom. William B, Richard B, Andrew R, Matt R, and Harrison C crushed it on the trail today, progressing in their riding skills. Back at camp, we had many campers excelling in their activities this morning. HP received his silver in archery and also his silver in fencing. Going to the courts, Reed P, Fox S, and Sam H all received their bronze in pickleball. Up at the mark, Charlie V completed his full Murph in a very impressive 52 min and 50 sec. Inside the mark, Wills W earned his silver in basketball, and Owen G, William Q, and Anthony B earned their bronze. It was a filling meal of chicken quesadillas, salad, and broccoli cheddar soup for lunch. After lunch, campers headed to the best time (rest time) before running to the beach for a free swim during free time. Campers were busy earning bars in the afternoon activities as well. Andrew R has been working hard in mountain biking and earned his gold today! Down on the lake, Noah P flipped his way to a silver in diving. Back up in the woods, Cade D earned his silver in airsoft, and Daniel M earned his bronze. Heading to dinner, we ate a meal of baked ham, peas, penne pasta, bread rolls, and a salad option. As soon as the meal had been cleaned up, John said the words “AND NOW,” which caused the tuck to erupt in excitement to find out what evening activity we would play tonight as the sultan of fun ran around the dining hall until he stopped in the middle and announced “EL PRESIDENTE” a classic camp game that is undoubtedly one of the campers favorites. 

Looking forward to the rest of the week; we have more mountain biking and climbing adventures set to go, which is always exciting. However, Ryker R, Banks P, Henry O, Case M, and Wilson B are embarking on an overnight kayaking trip to some of the most advanced rivers we take trips to here at camp. They will be paddling Section 9 of the French Broad tomorrow, camping tomorrow night, and preparing to kayak the Upper Green River on Wed. We are looking forward to a great rest of the week here at camp, filled with fun and adventure.

Signing Off, 

David Reeder

Proud Black Bear