First session finished with a flourish today! As the sun rose over the mountains here at Timberlake, we prepared to welcome parents to our closing ceremony. A light drizzle couldn’t dampen our spirits as families packed into the chapel. The campers marched in singing “Anchor for our Soul” and then sang a rousing rendition of the Camp Hymn to kick off the festivities. 


Throughout the ceremony(awards listed below) we recognized our Most Outstanding and Most Improved in each of our daily activities. Then our tribal leaders came forward to receive their plaques and lead their tribe in the Black Bear and Golden Eagle fight songs and tribe hymns. Each cabin was represented by an Honor Camper and we also celebrated our four Little Chiefs from Session one. Finally we wrapped things up with the most anticipated announcement of all, the Banner winner. 

This year’s fight for the first session banner was one for the ages. A whole month’s worth of evening activities came down to the very final game of commando. And the winner was….The Black Bears! 


Hearty congratulations are due to both tribes for a well fought battle, and both groups are excited to pick the competition back up next summer. 


It was bittersweet saying goodbye to so many amazing campers today, but we took heart knowing that we’ll all be back together again next year. Thank you to all of our families for sharing your sons with us this summer. It was an amazing session and we’ll see you next summer! 

Signing Off for Session 1



Director, Camp Timberlake

Sultan of Fun Emeritus

Keeper of the Golden Plunger

Friend and comrade of Cowboy Joe

Proud Golden Eagle


Activity Most Improved/Outstanding



Improved: Nicholas R


Outstanding: Case M



Improved: Emmitt M


Outstanding: Richard B



Improved: CJ R


Outstanding: Barrett G



Improved: Elliott W


Outstanding: Mason S


Beach Volleyball: 

Improved: Ryan H


Outstanding: Matt R



Improved: Fred T


Outstanding: Banks P



Improved: David F


Outstanding: Will A


Disc Golf

Improved: Pace W


Outstanding: Mason S



Improved: Wilson B


Outstanding: Mason S



Improved: Phillip H


Outstanding: Barrett C


Field Sports: 

Improved: Jamie V 


Outstanding: Miles A



Improved: Will S


Outstanding: Noah P



Improved: Alex F


Outstanding: Barrett C



Improved: Nolan B


Outstanding: Wes H



Improved: Charlie T


Outstanding: Nolan B



Improved: Wilson B


Outstanding: Ryker R


Improved: Alex H


Outstanding: Luke T



Improved: Wagner D


Outstanding: Andrew R



Improved: Wager D


Outstanding: Trevor S



Improved: RH B


Outstanding: Ryan H



Improved: Fred T


Outstanding: Alex H



Improved: Lucas D


Outstanding: Sam C



Improved: Harrison C


Outstanding: Sam C



Improved: Quay B


Outstanding: Phillip H



Improved: Aubrey S


Outstanding: Griffin W



Improved: Patrick T


Outstanding: Charlie A


Honor Camper 


Huckleberry: Charles H


Finch’s Landing: Fred T


Further Up: Elliot C


Further In: Eric H


Hawksbill: Reed P


Turtleback: Lewis S


Little Piney: Pace W


Big Piney: Matthew G


Stompers Knob: Will E


Little Slaty: Mason S


Big Slaty: Sam C


GreyBeard: Alex F


Tribal Elections


Black Bears: 

Chief- William B


Elder- Richard B


Lookouts- Peter K, Sam S

Golden Eagles

Chief- Henry O


Elder- Sam C


Lookouts- Haile S, Quay B


Little Chiefs


Richard B, William B, HP, Gavin W