This morning was full of smiles and excitement for the day as campers made their way to breakfast of pancakes and sausage! Lots of fun trips went out today after breakfast. On the kayaking trip was Giancarlo Z, Sanders H, Benjamin P, John N, Max R, Archer B, Carson K, Owen T, and Brodie R. Going fly fishing was Dillon O, Alex S, Aidan P, Patrick N, Sam O, and Blake P. Rafting also went out today with Cam M, Charlie A, Nixon Q, Oliver R, Jacob S, William V, James A, Rhett C, Kirk F, Jack V, Connor C, and Emerson F. Such great opportunities for awesome adventures! Back at camp, boys were working hard in their activities. At the lake, Teddy M worked on his roll today in kayaking. In swimming, Jack G, Mateo P, and Will N earned their silver bar while Noah B earned his bronze! At lunch, we found out that the Black Bears won last night’s evening activity, Bandits Rancheros! Tonight, we had our Little Chief ceremony which is a ceremony that happens weekly. Campers are recognized for their hard work that they put in daily at camp. Bronze, silver, and gold bars are recognized as well as commendations that are voted on by cabin peers and counselors. 1-year, 3-year, 6-year, and 10-year campers are also called to attention, and rank promotions are announced. Here are the recognitions!

Sons of Timberlake

1st Year

Hudson C

Liam L

Jack L

Levi M

John N

Michael T

Samuel C

Hays D

Cole G

Will M

Haran R

Alex S

Owen S

Harrison B

Zade B

Riggs C

Leo G

Levi G

Jack H

Lewis M

Brady M

Bram O

Jayden V

Jackson W

Wyatt H

Marco L

Patrick N

Mateo P

Fletcher C

Benicio G

Jackson H

John U

Oliver W

Davin G

Max R

Oliver R

Nixon Q

Brody R

Owen T

Eli J


3 Year

Charles C

Jake O

Will R

Ryan M

Nicholas P

Harrison B

Ward C

James H

Francesco P

Harris N

Mac S

Will P

Knox B

Aidan P

Nic R

Thomas C

Robert D

Sam G

Carson K

Jackson M

Hayes D

Luke H


6 Year

Cole R

Pace L

Sam O

Brodie B

Michael T

Jack W

Blake P

Carson B

Harrison D

William V

Mac C

Emerson F

Christian M


10 Year

Wait M

Garrett S





Counselor: Fletcher C

Camper: John U


Finch’s Landing

Counselor: Sam C

Camper: Nicholas P


Further Up

Counselor: Zade B, Jayden V, Levi G

Camper: Levi G, Earnest F


Further In

Counselor: Haran R, Harrison B, Jack B

Camper: Harrison B, Alex S, Francesco P



Counselor: Luke M, Fin C

Camper: Fin C, Luke M



Counselor: Jack G, Thax M

Camper: Evan M, George D


Little Piney

Counselor: Hudson M, Sam G, Bobby D

Camper: Sam G, Davin G, Will M


Big Piney

Counselor: Levi M, Will R, Sanders H

Camper: Hudson C, Teddy M, Elias W


Stomper’s Knob

Counselor: John David A, Mac C, Emerson F

Camper: Benjamin P, Braxton F, Luke H


Little Slaty

Counselor: Chance S, Giancarlo Z

Camper: Gary M, Jude H, Britt M


Big Slaty

Counselor: Fisher R, Gus C

Camper: Jack V, Sam C



Counselor: Andrew R, Evan B

Camper: Ford B, Charlie V


Little Chief Promotions



Jack B

Xavier B

Knox B

Ethan C

Neal C

Levi G

Whit G

James H

Dillan O

Lynwood W



Aaron C

Fin C

Luke H

Kolson M

Nicholas P



Harrison B

Jim B

Drew D

Jack G

Mick L



John David A

Sam G

Jack H

Matthew H

Carson K

Cam M

Teddy M

Benji P

Cole R

Will R

Simeon S

Harrison W



Rhett C

Harrison D

Elliot D

Kirk F

Britt M

Robert S



Mac C


Happy Camping!

Virginia Horn


Proud Golden Eagle

War Eagle