Today was quite a surprise for all of us here at Camp Timberlake because today is what we like to call Cowboy Joe Day! Let me give you some background, long ago, there was a cowboy named Joe who was quite the odd dude. He sat backwards on his saddle, wore all of his clothes backwards, and even talked backwards. He was also well known for his “nut dough’s” or as we like to call them, doughnuts. Because of him, we celebrate Cowboy Joe Day, starting off with some doughnuts delivered to the cabins by some of our senior staff! We ate our doughnuts and chocolate milk in bed and got to sleep in for an extra hour as well! 

After that, instead of heading over to the chapel, we went to our tribal game! That’s another thing about Cowboy Joe Day; all of our schedules are flipped. In fact, everything during the day is the opposite! So we go to all of our activities in the inverse order, and we do everything else at the opposite time of day. The tribal game today was a very close game of battle ball, with the Golden Eagles doing very well in the senior camp game and the Black Bears doing well in the junior camp match.

After the tribal game, we all headed to the last period of the day. Where we had a blast in everything from mountain biking to archery. When our activities finished up in the morning, we headed over to lunch, where even the tables were flipped for Cowboy Joe Day. So instead of the counselors sitting with their cabins, all of the counselors got changed over to a different one! 

With our delicious chicken and waffle lunch done, we headed over to our free time first instead of rest time. During this, we also had an archery tournament, with Camp Merri-Mac driving over from Black Mountain to compete. The competition was tough, but Brodie B, Gavin W, Jack W, Wells F, Charlie V, Evan B, Aubry S, Will V, and Will D all participated and managed to win with over 200 points! Congratulations to our archers, especially  Charlie V, who shot the best out of any camper there! We also had some amazing hikers today with Mateo P, Thomas M, and Blake L summiting Hawksbill on a nice long day hike! We also had a great mountain biking trip out today, with Charles D crushing it on the airbag.  

After an amazing afternoon of activities, and with the trips back in, we headed to dinner, where everyone ate with their mixed-up tables yet again! Then we headed out to do our evening yell and went over to the chapel. After that, we had something very special planned for the evening, the very first premier of Timberlake’s Got Talent! That’s right, Timberlake had its very own talent show where all sorts of talents, from music to magic tricks, were performed! Congratulations to all of the campers and staff who participated in the talent show for the evening. And Happy Cowboy Joe Day to all of Timberlake!

Signing off,

Will Petty

Climber Dude

Leader of the Greybeards