Today was an amazing start to the last week of session two! The air was crisp this morning as campers made their way down to the Tuck for a delicious breakfast of sausage, biscuits, eggs, and hashbrowns (or geometry breakfast as we like to call it). After our hearty meal, we made our way outside for the morning yell! At chapel this morning, we sang so many great songs like “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” and “Every Move I Make,” finishing off with the camp hymn. We heard a true story from our very own Caleb O about who Jesus is, and then campers headed to their cabins for a bit of cabin cleanup time!

Lots of adventures were had on so many trips today. Still on the Man Trip today was John A, Charlie A, Chance S, and Harrison W. On the Kayaking trip was Ford B, Gavin W, Graham W, Jack V, and Teddy M. The mountain bikers went on a trip today with Barret B, Kirk F, Braxton F, Jack H, and Nixon Q. And finally on the fly fishing trip was Cole R, Colin G, Liam L, John N, and Max R. Back at camp, the sun was shining bright and some exciting things were happening in activities! Pottery started working on glazing their fantastic masterpieces! In airsoft, Jack G got his silver bar, and Ethan C, John U, Eli J, and Bram O all earned their bronze bars! Thax M earned his bronze bar in one of our new activities, beach volleyball, and Andrew R earned his silver bar in another one of our new activities, pickleball! Congratulations guys! Those are just a few of the many campers working on bars to earn Little Chief promotions!

For lunch today we had the delectable mini corn dogs and mac and cheese, a camp favorite! We found out that the Black Bears won Tribal Soccer and the Golden Eagles won Tribal Basketball last night! The race for the banner is getting close! We then headed to the best time, rest time! After a restful and quiet time in the cabins, the boys headed out to free time where so many more activities were taking place. At dinner, we had a mouthwatering meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, and peas with a dessert of ice cream bars! Excitement ensued when we finished cleaning up when John screamed “AND NOW!!!”, and our Sultan of Fun, Henry B, ran around the dining hall and announced that we are playing Super Mario Bros for evening activity tonight!! This is a new game that we brought to camp this summer where the campers try to save Princess Peach from Bowser by collecting power ups throughout camp. What a fun-filled, adventure-packed day! We are so thankful to be here this summer to create this awesome, one-of-a-kind environment for campers to experience growth through friends and adventure!

Your favorite pottery counselor,

Virginia Horn

Proud Golden Eagle


War Eagle!