Wake up, Camp Timberlake! It’s a new day! As we approach the end of Session 2F 2023, we are savoring every moment of camp with our friends. This morning, we woke up to a delicious breakfast of bacon and egg biscuits. We then moved on to chapel, where we sang some of our favorite songs, such as “Anchor for Our Soul.” We heard a True Story from Little Slaty and Fitness counselor, Ethan Wattles. In this story, Ethan told us about a time when he ran out of gas. He used this to illustrate how God requires us to call for help, just as he had to call his track coach.

In Cabin Cleanup, the race for the Golden Plunger is growing tight! Today, the cabin of Turtleback made a big stride by scoring a 10! Very few 10s are given out in a summer, so this is a massive accomplishment that is worth being proud of.

We had two awesome trips out today! Campers Hays D, Jaden V, Ernest F, Ethan C, and Wyatt H hit the river for some fly fishing! Fly fishing trips at camp are an age-old classic and a blast, no matter how much you catch that day. At the same time as such a classic trip, we saw a brand new trip debut as well! Today, Timberlake’s greatest Pickleball-ers traveled to our sister camp, Camp Merri-Mac, to compete. That group included Gavin W, Charlie V, Wells F, Andrew R, Will P, Evan B, Logan O, Jack W, Brodie B, David H, Wait M, and Jude H. At dinner, it was announced that our boys had returned with great success. The Tuck erupted with deafening cheer and applause. We are immensely proud of them!

For Dinner, we had a feast of fried chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes. We ate like kings. We were then hit with the double-whammy of Oreo Dream for dessert. Oreo Dream is a blend of Oreos, pudding, and whipped cream: an undisputed camp favorite. I managed to witness the cabin of Greybeard get their hands on 5 servings of the desert. As we calmed our bellies and cleared our tables, John Menendez brought forth the famous words, “And Now…”. We raised our voices, our hands, and eventually our bodies until our Director’s paragraph-long introduction was overcome with noise. The Interim Sultan of Fun flung himself through The Tuck. As he came down from the air, he declared that tonight’s Evening Activity was none other than Age Of Empires, a property-spanning classic of gargantuan proportions. We are now marching to our cabins, preparing for an evening filled with conquest, kingdoms, and battle! May the best tribe win!

Coming to you live from The Tuck,

Thomas Williams

Senior Camp Cabin Area Director


Dostess 7/12/2023

Black Mountain Oyster