We had a very full day here at camp wrapping up our Second Session. This morning everyone woke and headed to The Tuck for breakfast casserole and coffee cake for breakfast (YUM!). Once we cleaned up we headed to chapel to hear a True Story from none other than our friendly neighborhood camp director- John Menendez. Campers headed off to clean cabins, except for Greybeard, who got to stay for the Staff Meeting today to learn their assignments for our Greybeard Training Day. For the morning classes boys in Greybeard were assigned classes to instruct (with the help & supervision of our certified staff) along with staff shirts to wear. Everyone all around was excited to see these boys step into these roles as they finish up their last years as campers. 

After morning activities wrapped up everyone headed to lunch for pizza! Not only did the Men of Greybeard help with activities this morning, they also got to sit as the head of Junior Camp tables today. As lunch finished up, we headed to the Best time, Rest Time and Trading Post/Free Time. On a normal day, we head to third period after Free Time, but today we practiced for our Closing Ceremonies for tomorrow. After we finished practice everyone thought we were heading to fourth period, but that could not have been further from the truth. Everyone was surprised to find out we were playing a camp favorite before dinner-COMMANDO!!! Cheers were heard all throughout camp after that announcement. 

Once the game finished everyone headed back to The Tuck to have dinner and then prepare for our last Little Chief and Final Camp Fire of Second Session 2023. Little Chief is a ceremony we hold weekly to recognize campers for their achievements in their activities and cabin life, as well as promotions in our Little Chief system. Final Campfire is a celebration of our time here at camp this summer sharing memories and hopes for next year. Here are the commendations and promotions given tonight: 



Counselor: Noah P

Camper: Benico G,, John U


Finch’s Landing
Counselor: Hays D

Camper: Ryan M


Further Up

Counselor: Xavier B, Riggs C

Camper: Xavier B, Leo G


Further In

Counselor: Alex S, James H

Camper: Harrison B, Francesco P



Counselor: Marco L, Knox B

Camper:Wyatt H, Know B



Counselor: Dylan H, Evan M

Camper: Barnes Z, Jack G


Little Piney

Counselor: Sam G, Bobby D, Hudson M

Camper:Will M, Sam G, Davin G


Big Piney

Counselor: Elias W, ,Hudson C, Charlie C

Camper:Will R, Colin G


Stomper’s Knob

Counselor: Nixon Q, Brody R, Ben P

Camper: Simeon S, Ben P, Cam M


Little Slaty

Counselor: Britt M, Carson K

Camper:Jude H, Giancarlo Z


Big Slaty: 

Counselor: Aubrey S, Kirk F

Camper:Wait M, Jack V



Counselor: Jacob S, Logan O

Camper: Andrew R, Evan B


Promotions given tonight: 



Leo G

Jack H

Marco L

Noah P

Mateo P

Alex S

John U



Xavier B

Hayes D

James H

Dylan H

Luke M

Ryan M

Evan M

William N

Francesco P

Peyton N


Kolson M



Harrison B

Jack G

Barnes Z



Bobby D

Braxton F

Davin G

Hudson M

Will M

Levi M

John W

Elias W

Gabe W



Emerson F

Timmy M

Sam O

Teddy M

Will P

Ben P

Michael T


William V



Wait M

Graham W


Little Chief-

Wells F

Andrew R

Charlie V


We are so proud and thankful for each and everyone of our campers here this session! 


Molly Callaway

Program Director/Timberwoman

Proud Red Wolf