Third Session is officially underway! Today was one of those days that makes you stop and realize just how fortunate you are. As Catherine and I greeted so many old friends and got to meet so many great new ones, I was struck by just how lucky we are as camp directors to partner with such a wonderful group of families. 

As campers piled out of cars and headed to the chapel, the air was ringing with excited chatter. A family photo, a quick stop by the nurses station, and a visit to the “Timberswag” pop-up shot later, boys said goodbye and see you soon to their parents, connected up with their counselors and new cabinmates, and headed off on what will be a session of friendship, fun, adventure, and growth. All our cabins grabbed to go picnics for lunch, found a shady spot, and spent some time getting to know each other. We then enjoyed a quick dip in the lake before heading up to tribal initiation. 

Here at Camp Timberlake, we have two tribes, the powerful Golden Eagles and the mighty Black Bears. On his first day at camp, every boy is initiated into one of the two tribes, and once he is initiated, he is a part of that tribe for life. Initiation is a welcoming celebration, an invitation to a family within a family here at camp, and a chance to get connected with other boys of all ages right away. Today we initiated a great group of new warriors. 

Our new Black Bears are: Ari B, Allen B, Will B, Brooks B, Andrew G, Sam H, Benjamin H, Charlie H, Sam H, Billy Luke I, Everett K, Reid L, Tripp L, Declan L, Santiago M, Richard R, Grant S, Aaron S, Connor T, and Jack T.

Our new Golden Eagles are: Beckett A, William C, Matthew D, Brooks D, SJ G, Wade G, Fisher H, Griffin H, Andrew M, Carson M, Harris R, Ryan R, Carter S, Dash W, Jameson W, Will W, Mac W.

After a delicious dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, and salad bar, the first evening activity of the session was announced…SOCK WAR!

If you’ve never played Sock War before, picture a giant, capture the flag style game where instead of tagging people to get them out, you throw a balled-up sock at them. Strategy is key in this game (like most of our tribal games), and the outcome was tightly contested. We always wait until lunchtime the following day to announce the winner of the evening activity, so be sure to check back in tomorrow to find out who emerged victorious. 

As the sun sets here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the boys are settling into cabins for devotion and getting excited about all that’s ahead this session. We will have updates every night here on the TimberTales blog, so be sure to check in! Thanks so much for sharing your boys with us this summer. 

John Menendez

Director, Camp Timberlake

Proud Golden Eagle