What a wonderful first full day of camp!! There was a coolness in the misty air this morning while the boys moseyed down from their cabins to the Tuck following the wondrous smells of our delicious breakfast which included chocolate muffins, eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. After the campers devoured their amazing meal, we headed outside for the first morning yell of Session 3 led by Jake H, Graham R, and Henry B. As our yells rolled over the hills and disappeared into the sky, we headed to the chapel to take our camp wide picture. The boys sat still and straight and smiled big for the picture that will record our time here in history, so we will never be forgotten! We then had a sweet time to come together as a camp to sing some songs like “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” and “The Banana Song”. Our very own friendly neighborhood camp director, John M, told us a true story about his time playing baseball as a kid, and he related it to who God is. It was then time to go clean the cabins as the race for the golden plunger began today! The golden plunger is awarded to the cleanest cabin with the highest overall score at the end of two weeks. When cabins were looking spic and span, the bugle rang for the start of our first activities. How exciting to see so many campers in all of these amazing activities and growing in the adventures! 


Another fun adventure we have at camp is going on trips outside of camp! A couple of awesome trips went out today! On the fly fishing trip was Grady R, Connor C, Benjamin C, Adam W, David T, and Santiago M! On the rafting trip today was William C, Hayden D, James D, Drew F, Andrew G, Lawson H, Benjamin H, Briggs L, Davis M, Darby M, Luke Q, Harris R, Richard R, Jack T, Charles S, Cole R, Elijah H, and Beau I! These guys had such a blast, and they came back with big smiles on their faces! 


Back at camp, a lot of activities were in full swing! In swimming and diving, the campers worked toward their bars! Congrats to Matthew A and Cole N on earning their bronze in diving! As our second activity period ended, we were all ready to head to the Tuck for a scrumptious camp favorite meal, tacos in a bag! When we finished eating our awesome meal, we had a few announcements. We found out some cabin inspection scores as well as who won the sock war last night… the Black Bears! Good job, Black Bears, but the Golden Eagles will be eager for redemption tonight! We headed back to cabins for the best time, rest time, as campers recharged for a fun-filled free time that awaited! Fun and unexpected things happen here at camp every now and then, one being Blake F losing a tooth! We are expecting a visit from the Timberfairy tonight! As free time came to an end, campers headed to more adventures in their afternoon activities. Rocketry class got to see some rockets launched, and the campers in canoeing got to explore the entirety of our beautiful lake while pottery waved to them as they crafted some fantastic masterpieces. As the bugle rang for the end of our activities, we made our way back to the Tuck for a wonderful dinner of chicken, rice, eggrolls, and veggies! We also had vanilla cake with icing for dessert, and John did some camp-wide trivia for the four remaining pieces! After some quick announcements, the iconic “AND NOWWW” sounded through the Tuck as everyone went crazy while our Sultan of Fun, Henry B, announced that we were playing Mission Impossible for our evening activity! I’m eager to find out who wins the game tonight! Check back tomorrow to hear all about it!


Happy camping!

Virginia Horn

Pottery Counselor


Proud Golden Eagle

War Eagle!