To follow a fantastic first day comes another fantastic second day! Waking up bright and early at 7:00 to a breakfast of waffle sticks and sausage is a delicious and nutritious way to start off the day. After breakfast, we had the morning yell, and I’m pretty sure they really could hear us all the way on the moon with how pumped and enthused all the campers and counselors alike were. 

Chapel today had some great songs, including ‘In His Name’ and ‘As the Deer.’ In a surprise twist, our very own Jean Marc Ragsdale had a true story to tell with Camp Timberlake today! After chapel, the race for the golden plunger is still taking flight as all the campers returned to their cabins to clean, clean, clean!

Before I get to morning activities, it’s absolutely worth mentioning that the chief and elder for each tribe were chosen! Each tribe held an election to see which senior camper would become a chief and elder, respectively. The Black Bears chose Ford B. as their Chief and Will S. as Elder. The Golden Eagles chose Thomas M. as their Chief and Radford W. as their Elder. All such amazing choices for chiefs and elders; I’m absolutely certain they will lead with strength and humility.

Anyways, back to activities. Morning activities started off with a bang, quite literally, as Richard B. got a grouping towards his Gold in Riflery! Quite an impressive feat! Smith B. learned how to use the wheel in Pottery this morning as well! Other than that, with activities just beginning, not many people are getting bars just yet, but I have a good feeling that will pick up in the blink of an eye. 

Also, this morning, people left for some trips! Peter Q, Declan Q, Hays S, Will S, Ford B, and Grant S left to go on an awesome kayaking trip. Jack C, Knox W, Arav S, Steven G, Andrew M, and Milo C went climbing today! I’m sure that both of those trips were totally awesome for everyone!

Lunch today was Greek chicken and Pita bread, a classic, to be sure! After lunch, the winners of last night’s game, Mission Impossible, were declared. And it was… the Black Bears! Congrats to them, and for the Golden Eagles, redemption was only a few hours away. Heading on to rest time for a break before free time, Junior Camp got to free swim today! I hope they enjoyed that!

Afternoon activities were just as busy as morning ones! Luke R. climbed the climbing boulder in Climbing (say that five times fast!), and Graham W. and Thomas M. got their bronze in Pickleball. Congratulations to them! There’s a lot to come, and I tell you what. These campers are crazy for bars!

Dinner tonight was a camp favorite: Pork loin, Mac and Cheese, and Dinner Rolls are always appreciated here at camp. After a dessert of ice cream bars, it was time to figure out what the tribal game for tonight was. Jumping down from his table perch, resident Sultan of Fun Henry Broshar announced that El Presidente would be the game! What an exciting game!

Until Next Time, 

Matthew Marshall

Further Up Counselor

Lego Master

Proud Berry Viking