Halfway through the week is fantastic because campers are familiar with activities and are now diving headfirst into what the adventure awaits. We started the day off strong with some chicken and biscuits!! Some campers were amazed and confused that we were having chicken for breakfast. After a great breakfast, we had our morning yell, which was loud as ever, and headed to the Chapel. Spencer, a Huckleberry counselor, had a remarkable story this morning! 

Starting off with some Tribal news!! As mentioned previously in blogs, the Chief and Elders have been chosen, and along with that, we have lookouts. These are all junior camp campers that help lead their tribe in many different ways. They are all excited to step in and help lead alongside senior campers. This is a huge opportunity for them, and the community is devolved all through camp because of this! For the Golden Eagles, the lookouts are Luke R and Thomas L, and for the Black Bears, Tyler S.

Onto our awesome morning activities, today was an awesome day at the range, Oliver M worked on improving his marksmanship in riflery, and David E revived bronze in archery. In Fishing class, there were a total of six fish that were caught, and three were caught by Wes W. Supprising there is any fish left in the water after that class!

There was a day hike and a fly-fishing trip out today, and both were filled with adventure and fun! On the day hike, they went to Babel Tower, which is a great swimming hole, and they had an exciting time cooling off in the water. The fly-fishing trip went to the Rocky Broad, and Matthew P and Jack S both caught fish! Super exciting for them!

Lunch was filled with Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, which were heard around camp to be one of the best meals so far! The potato fries were a fantastic addition to the sandwich. After the meal was over, we got the announcement for who won El Presidente, which is a camp favorite game, and yet again, the Black Bears won in victory over the Golden Eagles. After a great meal, we headed on to rest time to get some energy for the rest of the day.

Afternoon activities were just as fun as the morning. As the afternoon went on, the lake was looking very refreshing; along with that, Landon K got his silver in swimming today. A Great day to get it done! Back to archery, Matthew A finished his groupings at 40 yards in archery, and Jake H killed it at 50 yards, which is very impressive. Such a great demonstration of patience and control.

Dinner tonight was sausage and penne pasta, which is a great meal around Camp! Campers finished off all the bowls of pasta and biscuits that they could get. Tonight’s game was announced as cabin night for Junior camp and ultimate basketball for Senior camp. Ultimate basketball is a game where ultimate frisbee and basketball are going on at the same time. Dodge Balls are being thrown into trashcans to score points, and ultimate Frisbee is being played to score AT THE SAME TIME!!! SUPER FUN!! Junior, Camp had a shaving cream war, then headed on up to the giant slip and slide going down the hill of Spyglass. Finish that off with playing battleship for cabin night and some s’mores and free swim! Sounds like a fun-filled and adventure-packed day!! See you tomorrow to hear all about the evening winners and the adventures of the day!

Until next time,

Jordan Bartelt

Big Slaty Counselor

Disc Golf Instructor