As we woke up this morning at Camp Timberlake in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. It was a chilly mountain morning as fog rolled onto the lake. Campers and staff alike raced to breakfast where we had eggs, sausage and pancakes (quite the breakfast if I do say so just add plenty of coffee). We then proceeded outside our mess hall; the tuck and raised our voices to the heavens during the morning yell. We then had our rafting, fly fishing, and climbing trips leave while everyone ran to chapel where we jumped around with some songs and heard an inspirational story from Caleb that pointed us to Jesus. After chapel campers retreated to the cabins for our daily cabin clean up which the campers do quite well. The first period bugle played as campers and staff proceeded to go to their first period activities.

A lot of notable events happened during activities during the day. Including pottery, the campers glazed their pottery pieces. Which is a type of paint used for pottery before it is put in the kiln to give the pieces their color. The activity of fencing had some quite notable feats with both Johnny R. and Ben A. defeating our fencing instructor Cameron H. Wow what an achievement! The musical side of our camp, the activity of guitar included an notable event of Declan Q. learning 6 guitar chords today. Over at the lake David T accomplished a roll in kayaking with the help of Oliver G. Thomas M. got his offside roll down in kayaking as well. The daredevils over at diving did something quite brave when John H. did a back dive. Wow! Sounds scary right? It definitely is but what an accomplishment. Cole N then did what is called a gainer where you run off the diving board and do a backflip. Over at the archery range Liam T got a 20 yd silver bar grouping in archery.

On our trips, rafting went to French Broad (which is an excellent place to white water raft). On this trip we had, Louis W, Luca V, Connor C, Claude C, Connor C, Graham F, Wilson F, Wade G, Sam H, Oliver H, Landon K, and Kaden P. Where they had a blast rafting through the rapids of the French Broad river. Our fly fishing trip headed up to the North Toe to fly fish with the campers James D, Luca V, Beau I, Knox W, Andrew G, and Drew F. On our Climbing trip Gehrig C, Finley R, Kellan P, Smith B, Aaron S, Rocco M, Jack C, Sam H, and Grant S went climbing at little lost cove. Lunch was delicious chicken tenders which is one of my favorite lunches. When rest time rolled around we dozed off into naps. When the free time bugle rang we rushed down to the trading post to get sugary snacks and drinks. My favorite is a cookies and cream hersheys. When dinner finally came we feasted on ham and dinner rolls. Our sultan of fun Henry B amped us up for the evening activity battle ball which the campers and staff had tons of fun. When the day ended we winded down getting ready for bed and dozed off into a long slumber. Until tomorrow Timberlake.

Signing off,

John Kubecka

Further In Counselor and head rocketry teacher