This morning at camp started off with incredible news. With the best breakfast at camp, breakfast tacos! After this awesome breakfast, campers and staff made their way to chapel. We sang songs and danced, which was led by Molly. Before the usual send-off of campers for cabin clean-up, there was silence at the chapel. The announcement was made that today was tribal palooza! And to add to the excitement, The 44th Annual Hunger Games! After getting back from the cabin, all of the camp was able to watch the start of the Hunger Games, which lasted all the way through lunch. 

With some other news for around camp. Ben C got his silver in Riflery! As well as Charlie H, Jack, Davis, and Henry O won the 3v3 basketball tournament that was hosted at the Mark. We had 3 trips out today which were crazy fun. We had a mountain biking trip that had William E, Carson M, Chase S, Darby M, Boone R, Keefer M, Charlie S, Jack S,  and Reid S. Our second trip was a day hike. John H, Benjamin H, Luke Q, Will H, Hayes C, and Will W all went on the hike. The last trip was a kayaking trip with only 4 campers. David C, Wilson F, Geo P, and Oliver G. 

The first game in our day of games was Super Mario Bros! Some of the counselors put together a skit for the campers to add to the hype of the game.  After Super Mario Bros, everyone headed to lunch which was mini corn dogs and mac and cheese! We then moved to the best thing ever, an hour of rest time. While most of the camp moved to their beds to rest, some of the staff had bible study at the chapel. Camp scattered as the bugle went off to go hang out at their favorite parts of camp. Junior and Senior Camp split up to battle it out separately. With Junior Camp playing Sock War right after, it poured down rain. While Senior players played the awesome game of Pirate Ball at the waterfront. 

Dinner, which was an absolute blessing tonight, was chicken parmesan with mixed greens. The dessert was churros which everyone loved, of course. Another skit was performed by one of our counselors Cameron. He had an ongoing riddle that was open to everyone to guess. Before revealing the answer, only one person was able to guess! To end such an amazing and exciting day, junior camp and senior camp split up once again for the last game. Junior Camp played Behind Enemy Lines, a big game of hide and seek, while Senior Camp had cabin night. Big Slaty got to go to the shelter, which is over at Merri-Mac. Looking forward to even more adventures tomorrow! 

Y’all have a blessed week 

Cale Mccoy

Further Up Counselor 

Head of Swimming

Proud Black Bear