The campers woke up to a glorious day here at Camp Timberlake! The weather was cool as the boys headed to the Tuck for a breakfast of french toast sticks and sausage. After hearing Jake H lead the morning yell, we all headed up to chapel. This is one of my favorite times in the day when we all sing songs like “As the Deer Pants,” followed by a message from one of our staff. Today, Seth B talked about the time he ran a 5k when he was in high school. He then released the campers to go clean their cabins!

Our first activities started, and so many campers worked hard today to earn bars throughout the day! Basketball was one of those, with David C, Darby M, and Will W earning silver, and Luke R, Sam H, and Kellan P earning bronze! Another silver bar was earned by Cole N in diving! Lots of trips also went out today, seeking adventure outside of camp. William B, Richard B, Will S, Ford B, Peter Q, Oliver M, Carter W, Freddy V, Tristan W, Joey B, Grady R, and Hays S got to spend some quality time together as the oldest cabin for a fun-filled Greybeard cabin trip! On the rafting trip today were Bryson A, Baine B, Patrick M, Rocco M, Thomas R, Carter S, Reid S, Knox W, John H, Johnny R, Charlie S, and Ari B. On the fly fishing trip today were Will B, Braxton B, William E, Will H, and Fisher H

As the morning wrapped up and lunchtime was heading our way, we all gathered at the Tuck for a lunch of gyros and peaches with a potato soup option! My personal favorite meal at camp! We also got to celebrate Asher C’s birthday at lunch by singing him the birthday song while his cabin got to have a birthday treat! After hearing our cabin inspection scores, we headed to the best time, rest time. After the much-needed rest, campers got to hang out around camp for an awesome free time. They had the chance to work on bars in a few of the activities, free swim at the lake, play gaga ball, shop in the clothing room, and so much more! Soon after, our afternoon activities began. In Mountain Biking, Landon K earned his bronze bar while Thomas M and David C earned the first Beach Volleyball silver bars of Session 3A in Timberlake’s entire history! Declan Q earned his silver bar in riflery, with Luca V and Darby M earning their bronze bars! Campers worked hard and played harder today! As we headed to the Tuck for dinner, campers could smell the wondrous meal of chicken fajitas! We also had delicious ice cream bars for dessert! As dinner concluded, David R announced that the evening activity is Commando! Which is essentially a huge water balloon fight! Today was a fantastic day here at camp! Check back tomorrow to see if the Golden Eagles or the Black Bears score the most points in tonight’s game!

Yours truly,

Virginia Horn

Pottery Counselor


Proud Golden Eagle

War Eagle!