The Last Day of 3A!


Timberlake campers and staff had a fantastic last full day of 3A activities. The day started off on a high note with blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs, gearing everyone up for a big day. This morning, campers enjoyed special activities such as the kayak slide in kayaking class and the Blob in swimming class. For lunch, we had Italian meatball subs and French fries, a delicious meal that powered us through a hot afternoon. John M announced the cleanest cabin at Camp Timberlake and winner of the golden plunger– congratulations Big Slaty! The heat was avoided by an exciting afternoon free swim at the lake followed by final activities to round out the session. After a dinner of barbeque chicken, potatoes, vegetables, and chocolate cake for dessert, everyone headed up to the Counsel Ring for the Little Chief ceremony.  


Each week at Timberlake the entire camp gathers for Little Chief, a ceremony recognizing some of the great achievements we have seen over the past week. Tonight we honored campers for receiving counselor and camper commendations, awards that are voted on by the campers’ peers and counselors for their leadership qualities. Campers who excel in their activities or through electives and commendations are awarded promotions for earning a certain number of marks. Campers who earn 34 marks over the years can receive the highest possible rank of Little Chief. Tonight, we honored campers earning the ranks of Scout, Guide, Pioneer, Tracker, Hunter, and Pathfinder. Every camper who received a commendation and promotion tonight is listed below.


What a session it has been! We are so grateful for each and every camper these past couple of weeks at Camp Timberlake, and we can’t wait for these 3A campers to be back next summer!


Claire Haley


Proud Red Wolf


Waterfront Director




Counselor: Patrick H, Smith B, Mac W

Camper: Charlie H, Dash W


Finch’s Landing
Counselor: Marshal S, John S

Camper: Sam N, Wes W


Further Up

Counselor: Walker F, Charlie C, Finley R

Camper: Brooks B, Walker F, Luke R


Further In

Counselor: William E, Carson M

Camper: Sam H, Tyler S



Counselor: Johnny R, Baine B

Camper: Johnny R, Rocco M



Counselor: Griff G, Cameron L

Camper: Liam T, Will N


Little Piney

Counselor: Lawson H, Ethan C, Boone R

Camper: Darby M, Lawson H, Briggs L


Big Piney

Counselor: Will W, Graham F, Griffin H

Camper: Landon K, Wilson F, Hayes C


Stomper’s Knob

Counselor: Theo T, Richard R, Fisher H

Camper: Luca V, Connor C, Theo T


Little Slaty

Counselor: Charlie H, Will R

Camper: Radford W, Matthew A


Big Slaty: 

Counselor: EJ B, Quinn S

Camper: Davis O, Thomas M



Counselor: Peter Q, Tristan W

Camper: Will S, Joey B





Arturo B

Patrick H

Marshall S

Wesley W

Knox W



Charlie C

Griff G

Rocco M

Will N

Finley R

Luke R

Tyler S



Baine B

William E

Walker F

John H

Cameron L

Luke Q

Johnny R



Thomas L





Ben C

Richard R

Luca V

Landon K

Boone R

Darby M



Wilson F
Lawson H

Reid S

Grant S



Quinn S