As the sun peeked over the horizon, a symphony of excitement filled the air at Camp Timberlake. The day began with the sound of the wake-up bell, signaling the start of another memorable adventure. In the cozy dining hall, the campers gathered for a hearty breakfast. The aroma of sizzling sausages and egg sandwiches filled the air, enticing the hungry boys. With laughter and friendly banter, they exchanged stories of the previous day’s escapades and eagerly discussed the upcoming activities.

After breakfast, the boys went to chapel, where they heard a true story from our very own Cameron H! Cameron shared a story about the first time he played squash, illustrating how we must rely on God rather than our own abilities.

Next, the boys split into groups, each embarking on a different morning adventure. The archery range came alive with cheers of triumph as campers aimed for the bullseye. Others headed to the crystal-clear lake for a refreshing swim and water activities, such as fishing, diving, and volleyball, with laughter echoing across the shoreline. The thrill-seekers went to the rock-climbing wall, challenging themselves to reach new heights, supported by the encouraging cheers of their peers.

As midday approached, the campers reunited at the dining hall for a mouthwatering lunch. Today’s delight was stromboli, a flavorful Italian treat that combines gooey cheese and savory meat, all wrapped in a fluffy, oven-baked dough. The boys eagerly bit into their strombolis, savoring the explosion of flavors, and exchanged enthusiastic compliments about the kitchen’s culinary skills. As always, lunch was followed up with an announcement of cabin cleanup winners for the day – congratulations to Little Piney and Hawksbill! 

Finally, the boys learned who had won the previous night’s tribal games. Today, both tribes got a chance to celebrate, as the Black Bears won tribal basketball while the Golden Eagles won tribal soccer! The race for the banner is truly heating up!

After lunch, the boys went to the best time: REST TIME. After half an hour of refreshing and delightful naps, they journeyed onward to free time. Nolan O got a bronze grouping in archery, while Quinn S got his last gold grouping in riflery! Down at the lake, Will S earned silver in beach volleyball, followed by a 1½ flip in diving! Meanwhile, Matthew A got his silver in disc golf, Reid S got his silver in fitness, and McGinn M got silver in basketball!

As the campers gathered for dinner, they were treated to a scrumptious Hawaiian feast. The dining hall was transformed into a tropical paradise as the aroma of Hawaiian meatballs filled the air. The boys savored the delectable combination of succulent meatballs infused with island-inspired flavors like tangy pineapple and savory teriyaki sauce. The meal was a delightful celebration of delicious food and good company.

As the sun began to set, a special evening awaited the campers – the Little Chief Ceremony. This time-honored tradition celebrates leadership and character, recognizing the boys who have demonstrated exceptional qualities throughout their time at Camp Timberlake. These boys went above and beyond their responsibilities and surpassed Camp’s expectations this week, both in their activities and their cabin life. A full list of commendations & promotions earned this week is available below.

As the day drew to a close, the campers returned to their cabins with hearts full of joy and unforgettable memories. They lay down in their bunks, heads filled with dreams of the day’s adventures and aspirations for the days to come. Camp Timberlake isn’t just a summer camp – it’s a place where boys discover their potential, forge lasting friendships, and create memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. Each day brims with laughter, camaraderie, and a sense of adventure that instills confidence and a love for the great outdoors. As the stars twinkle above Camp Timberlake, the spirit of adventure and friendship lives on, eagerly awaiting the next day’s sunrise and the promise of even more unforgettable experiences.




Counselor: Eddie K

Camper: Matty C, Eddie K


Finch’s Landing

Counselor: Liles F, William H

Camper: Liles F, Rigby K


Further Up

Counselor: Gage S, Pierce S

Camper: John G, Luca M


Further In

Counselor: Owen E, Connor P

Camper: Alex M, Watts G



Counselor: Harry K, Nick V

Camper: Cash K, Nick V



Counselor: Rivers G, Stephen G

Camper: Liam T, Will N


Little Piney

Counselor: Bennett J, Nolan O, Wyatt S

Camper: Bennett J, Everett R, Edwin K


Big Piney

Counselor: Chris J, Mason D

Camper: Aidan M, Turner B


Little Slaty

Counselor: Matthew A, Bay J

Camper: Matthew A, Radford W, Bay J


Big Slaty

Counselor: Thomas M, Quinn S

Camper: Quinn S, Drew H



Counselor: Will S

Camper: Will S



Colin B

Michael B

Liles F

Stephen G

Franklin J

Cash K

Edward K

Alex M

Luca M

Connor P

Gage S

Pierce S



Will N

Nick V



Tommy F



Turner B

Bennett J

Andrew S

John W



Eli F

Chris J

Boone K



Radford W



Matthew A