Happy Saturday from Camp Timberlake! Today we had another full and fun day at camp. Things started off with a delicious breakfast of french toast, sausage, pineapple, the grit bar and yogurt and granola bar. After a loud morning yell, we headed off to chapel where Jonah N played guitar as a part of his requirements to earn his gold bar in guitar class. He did a great job leading our music this morning and is almost done with that big achievement!


After cabin clean up, the boys headed to morning activities. The sun was shining and it was a perfect day to be out and about. The guys on the tennis courts were enjoying the sunshine as Nick Q, Stephen G, Tommy F and Franklin J were particular on point. And over at mountain biking Thomas M and Duncan S were shredding the pump track. 


We also had two trips head out for an adventure this morning. First, Davis O, Peter Q, Bay J, Cian M, Quinn S, Declan Q, Kaito T, Theo T, Radford W, Ford B and Oliver G got to go rock climbing at Ship Rock. It is one our most iconic and exposed climbing locations here at Timberlake. For those who may not be familiar with climbing lingo, being exposed essentially means you are really high up and open to the wind and sun, often with a steep drop below. Many climb sites are in woods or among trees, so as you climb up, you’re going high in the air, but you’re hemmed in by trees so it doesn’t always feel that way. Ship rock on the other hand, is very exposed. Shaped like the prow of a ship extending out over Linville gorge, it makes for an adrenaline pump and takes a ton of courage to summit. I’m happy that all our guys crushed it, and the beautiful “Edge of a Dream” route was the favorite of the day. 


Our second trip was a whitewater rafting expedition to the Pigeon River. Michael B, Turner B, Richard F, Ben L, David L, Franklin P, Glenn S, Jimmy T, Malachi W, Aidan M, Odin O, and Willard F had a rip-roaring time rocking down this fun and fast river. Way to go guys!


For lunch we feasted on chicken gyros with all the fixings and pita chips and hummus. After the meal we announced the winner of today’s cabin clean up competition: Little Slaty! Securing a second day in a row, this time the guys in Little Slaty pulled off the extremely rare 10 out of 10. 


In the afternoon, we had a third trip leave property, our junior camp overnight! Eleven bold junior campers headed out to Huskins Branch, many of whom are spending their first night in the woods tonight. Huskins branch is a beautiful trail leading to a waterfall. What’s especially cool about this trip is that when you stay overnight, the hike up to the campground takes you up and around the backside of the falls. Ford C, Pierce S, Luca M, John H, Hunter O, Cullen S, Harry K, Herrick M, Tyler R, Nick VS, Colin B and Cash Kendall were up to the challenge and we can’t wait to hear all about their adventures when they return to camp tomorrow. 


Afternoon activities were a hit especially at the waterfront. One highlight was the canoeing class forgoing the normal vessels of tandem canoes to work on their paddling skills together in a raft. By the sounds of things it was a very entertaining voyage. 

After a scrumptious dinner of cheese ravioli, biscuits and salad, the sultan of fun announced tonight’s evening activity: GREAT ESCAPE! In this game, tribal competitors search all over camp to find counselors who are hidden throughout property. Each counselor holds a clue and the clues lead to a hidden flag. It was a fierce game and both sides were giving it their all. Tune in tomorrow to find out who won! 


Until next time, 


Director, Camp Timberlake

Proud Golden Eagle.