Today we started our last full normal day here at Camp Timberlake, our last normal day of both the session and the summer! Because tomorrow we start getting ready for our final evening here at camp! And to start off the day, we all headed down to our dining hall to get some amazing breakfast. We had the best breakfast here at camp, geometry breakfast, which is composed of biscuits, sausage, hash browns, and egg patties, making for a great breakfast sandwich. 

After breakfast, we headed down to our last Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday activities, where many of the campers were working hard to earn their bronze, silver, and gold bars today since today was the last day that they could earn bars in any of their activities. In the activity of Rocketry, we had Edwin K, Matthew R, Jacob R, and William H all getting their bronze bars in Rocketry, with Oliver F getting his silver in Rocketry! And in the activity of fencing, we had Ford C, Edward K, and Matthew R all getting their bronze! Also, Quinn S was an amazing marksman because he hit his final grouping needed for his gold in Riflery today! 

After our amazing morning activities, we headed back to the Tuck for an amazing lunch of sloppy joes and mac and cheese! We also got to hear about cabin cleanup! The race was as close as it could be, with the top 4 teams being within half a point of each other! And I don’t mean average points; I mean cumulative, which means that the golden plunger could go to almost anybody at this point! We’ll see tomorrow who wins it, but for now, it’ll be a close race, with all of the cabins trying their hardest to keep their cabins as clean as they can. After that, we headed out to the best time, rest time, of course, where we took some time to get our energy back for our afternoon free time and activities.

During free time quite a few activities were open for bars and for fun! In the activity of Climbing, Davis O got his silver bar! And we had everything from free swim open to pickleball and basketball up at the Mark open for all of camp. Matthew A had an amazing day in archery today as well, where he managed to shoot a perfect 50-point round! Thankfully today, we stayed dry as we all went out to our afternoon activities. In everything from archery to airsoft, people were hard at work getting their last bars and spending some time enjoying their last days at these activities.

During all of these activities and things during the day, we had two awesome trips go out. Junior Camp took a great trip up to Beacon Heights up near the parkway, where they got some climbing up near the summit boulder! Meanwhile, Timberlake mountain biking took their first-ever trip up to Asheville to go visit berm park, which is a newer mountain biking park known for its amazing jump trails! It was an amazing trip, with many of the advanced riders here at Timberlake doing incredibly well! 

After a long day of some amazing trips and activities, we headed down to the dining hall for a tasty dinner of some ham and mac and cheese, and to cool us all down after the long day, we had some strawberry Italian ice for dessert! After an amazing dinner, we headed down to the last tribal game of the night, where the black bears and the golden eagles faced off in an epic game of commando, where both tribes compete against each other in a huge water balloon fight! And with the end of session 3 coming up, every last game counts towards the banner…

Until Later,

William Petty

Leader of the Greybearders

Climbing Extraordinaire