Happy Saturday from Camp Timberlake! We went thundering into the weekend at full throttle today and there is so much to tell. We started our day with a hearty breakfast of pancakes and sausage. The grit bar, yogurt and granola bar were also popular options as campers fueled up for a fun and full day. 


After breakfast we raised our voices to the heavens during the morning yell, after which we headed to the chapel for some singing and to hear a true story from Winston, one of the Timberlake assistant directors. 

We also had two trips leave property today for some excellent adventures. First, Hugh W, Harrison C, Dakota M, Thomas B, Parker J and Gus T saddled up their bikes and went to the gateway trails system in nearby Old Fort for some high speed shredding. Additionally, Sean A, Robbie G, John L, David F, Carson B, Christopher C, Pace W and Edward B loaded up in the camp van to head to upper creek falls where they got to rappel the falls! You read that right, these intrepid adventurers put the skills they’ve been working on in climbing to use rappelling right down the center of the famous Upper Creek falls. After conquering the rappel they headed to lower creek falls to enjoy the rock slide and swimming hole. 


At lunch we munched on italian subs and pretzel nuggets along with fruit and the soup bar. As lunch wound down, campers anxiously awaited the results of this morning’s cabin inspection. There were a lot of clean cabins out there today but the winner was Big Piney with a perfect 10! We also announced the winner of last night’s junior and intermediate camp evening activity, stealing skins. It was a tightly contested game but the winner was..The Black bears! These two tribes are trading blows in the fight for the banner and there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a close race. 


Tonight, however, we did not have a competitive tribal game in the evening. Instead, just like we do at the end of each week, we held a Little Chief Ceremony. This ceremony is a crucial part of moving our mission forward so I wanted to take a quick moment to explain it. Our mission is growth through friends and adventure and we see our guys growing every single day at Timberlake. But we believe that these moments of growth and accomplishment are significantly more impactful if we can make sure we take time to recognize and celebrate them. We try to do this in the moment of course but we also set aside a time each week to come together as a whole camp community for the sole purpose of celebrating just a few of the great things we’ve seen our campers doing in activities, in cabins, on trips and in camp life in general. That time is our Little Chief ceremony. 


In the first section of the ceremony we recognize bars in activities. We’re just getting warmed up in activities but we still had some guys finish bar requirements this week. Robbie G and Mose C got bronzes in Guitar. Ryan H got his bronze in Riflery, Barrett C got his bronze in Diving. Edward S got his bronze in Tennis and Robbie G go his Gold in Rocketry. 


Next we move to cabin life where campers who have exemplified the 4 traits of servant leadership: Courage, Humility, Grit and Empathy are recognized by receiving commendations.  Commendations are given by both the counselors and voted on by campers themselves. Tonight the following boys received commendations. 


Finch’s Landing: Camper Commendation- Leland I. Counselor Commendation- Hudson H


Further Up: Camper Commendation- Patterson S, Walker S. Counselor Commendation- Walker S, Hayes W


Further In: Camper Commendation-Mose C, Warren L. Counselor Commendation- Grant W, Jack D


Tiger Tooth: Camper Commendation- Charles A, Jack H. Counselor Commendation- Andrew M, Sam G


Hawksbill: Camper Commendation- Robert I Counselor Commendation- Daniel G


Turtleback: Camper Commendation- Camp M, Charles L. Counselor Commendation- Myer S, Camp M


Little Piney: Camper Commendation- Nathan W, Andrew T. Counselor Commendation- Sean A, Porter S


Big Piney: Camper Commendation- Luke T, Robbie G. Counselor Commendation- Sam G, Will F


Stomper’s Knob: Camper Commendation- McCrae E, David K. Counselor- Matthew G, Neil R


Little Slaty: Camper Commendation- David F, Stephen J, Alex B. Counselor Commendation- Henry L, Sanders H, Tucker L


Big Slaty: Camper Commendation- Henry O, Mason S. Counselor Commendation- Jamie V, Miles A


Greybeard: Camper Commendation- Jack V. Counselor Commendation- Sam C


Next up, since this was the first ceremony of the session, we also recognized our Sons of Timberlake. We are a family here and every single camper here is a Son of Timberlake. At our Little Chief ceremony, however, we like to recognize guys when they hit certain milestones in their camp journey. Campers in their 1st year receive their skin. 3 year Sons of Timberlake receive a gold pin. 6 year sons of Timberlake receive an arrowhead pendant and 10 year sons of Timberlake receive a personalized mini canoe paddle that is hung in the dining hall as well as a custom Camp Timberlake belt. Tonight we recognized a great group who had reached the next level as sons of Timberlake. 


1st year sons of Timberlake

Charles A, Talton A, William B, Harrison B, Spencer B, Andrew C, Tobias C, Reid C, David D, Erik D, Jack D, Sam G, Luke H, Hudson H, Warren L, Andrew M, Camp M, Dakota M, Roman RF, Eli R, Alexander S, Gus S, Samuel S, Teddy S, Jude W


3rd Year Sons of Timberlake

Zach A, Elliot A, Duke A, Will C, Murphy D, Barrett G, Evan G, Jack H, Nathaniel H, Ryan H, David H, Dylan H, Stephen J, Rives J, Henry L, Eli M, Sebastian P, Noah P, Edward S, Patterson S, Finn S, Walker S, Andrew T, Gus T, Luke T, Hayes W, James W, Hugh W, Nathan W, Zach W


6th Year Sons of Timberlake

Carson B, William F, Matthew G, Wes H, Sanders H, McKean K, Andrew K, Pace W, Danny W


10th Year Sons of Timberlake

Jack V


The final portion of the ceremony is to award those campers who have received promotions towards Little Chief. Essentially all the different parts of camp life come together to trigger these promotions being earned: Years at camp, bars in activities, cabin commendations received and elective challenges campers can decide to try on their own (things like lighting a fire with just one match, catching a bullfrog at least 8 dots long or spending a solo night in the woods). These promotions are rare and exciting when they occur. Below are the promotions we awarded this week. 


Junior and Intermediate Camp Promotions



Evan G, Jack H, Thornton H, Leland I, King M,Sebastian P, Grant S, Myer S, Trevor T, Charlie T, Grant W



Robert I, Eli M, Walker S, Hayes W, Graeme W



None tonight



Mose C, Daniel G, Charles L


Senior Camp Promotions



Sean A, Carson B, McCrae E, William F, Nathaniel H, Carter K, Henry L, Owen M, Finn S, Gus T, Luke T, Jaime V, Zach W



Kenneth C, Sam G, Robert G, Sanders H, Tucker L, Neil R



Matthew G, Ryker R



Sam C (This one is a huge deal!). 


It’s a lot to pack into a short ceremony, but we think it’s important (and we’ve mastered ceremony efficiency so it doesn’t drag). And while lots of boys get the chance to be recognized, we know that not every camper will, which is why after the ceremony our cabin counselors take time back in cabins to sit down with each camper and encourage them in the ways they have been growing here at camp. It’s the most important piece on the puzzle and one that is sure not to be missed!


It’s been another great day here at camp! Thanks for sharing your sons with us this summer and tune back in tomorrow to read all about Sunday Funday. 


Great Camping, 


Director, Camp Timberlake

Former Big Piney Counselor

Former Climbing Instructor

Proud Golden Eagle