As the sun peeked over the mountains and the sound of reveille rolled over the hills, all Timberlake campers awoke well rested after an extra hour of sleep this Sunday. Everyone made their way down to the tuck where the kitchen served Timberlake’s famous cinnamon rolls, with sides of bagels, sausage, and cream cheese. After breakfast, to get everyone fired up for the day, we had a morning yell that echoed throughout camp and then made our way to chapel. At chapel we sang some absolute classics like ‘The Banana Song’, ‘Every Move I Make’, and ‘Come thou fount’. Normally after singing at chapel, we would hear a true story from one of our staff members, however Sundays are different so we had each cabin individually pray for their boys and then everyone headed off to clean their cabins.


After cabin cleanup, we were released to go participate in one of the many special Sunday activities here at camp. These activities included sandcastle building, disc golf, pickleball, fort building, and more. While these were going on, 11 brave men decided to partake in the infamous Timberlake Triathlon held every sunday here at camp. These boys were Mason S, Finn S, Jamie V, Miles A, Henry O, Will C, Nathan W, Banks P, Quinn B, Wilson B, and Sanders H. The timberlake triathlon starts with a swim across the entirety of Lake Newcomb, followed by about 3 miles of biking and 2 miles of running. After a grueling race, the podium was filled. In third place was Sanders H, in Second place was Wilson B, and coming in first place with an incredible time of 44:02, Henry O took the win. 


While all of these exciting activities were going on at camp, campers Hayes W, Samuel S, Hudson H, Patterson S, Evan G, Jack H, and Edward I, packed into a van and headed off to Lake James for a canoeing trip. They paddled around the lake and traveled to a jumping rock about 15 feet tall, where every camper had the courage to jump off into the water below. They then had lunch on the edge of the lake and got back in time for the Sunday afternoon activities.


In the afternoon, the campers were free to go to a number of other activities of their choosing. These included a 3v3 basketball tournament, open climbing wall, and a whole camp free swim. After this free time, everyone headed up to Spencer’s Green where we had a cookout with burgers, hotdogs, chips, fruit, and cookies for dinner. Everyone hung out for a while before heading down to the chapel for vespers where staff members and campers put on a show, with hilarious skits and songs from our in-house band the Black Mountain Oysters. Then, with anticipation, our sultan of fun announced what the evening activity would be tonight. Junior and Intermediate camp had a chill night, with s’mores for Junior camp and a free swim for Intermediate. However in senior camp, things got serious as they competed in tribal basketball and tribal soccer. Both the black bears and golden eagles fought hard for the win, and every camper is excited to learn who emerged victorious tomorrow at lunch. After this everyone headed back to their cabins to shower and get some rest before another big day of camp tomorrow!


Henry Broshar

App State Mountaineer

Proud Golden Eagle