As the sun rose above Camp Timberlake this morning, campers were greeted with many mixed emotions as, for many of them, it is their last full day at camp. We fueled our bodies for a day of fun with a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, and sausage. Our amazing kitchen staff always does an incredible job feeding all the campers and staff. After Carson did the morning yell, we headed to chapel to sing many of our favorite songs including Pharaoh, Pharaoh and Lord I Need You, and heard a true story reminding us of the selflessness of Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross. Cabin cleanup was vital today for campers, as they battled in the close race for the Golden Plunger, the coveted prize awarded at the end of each session to the cabin with the highest cleanliness scores across the entire session. 

After cabin cleanup, we had two trips depart: a backpacking trip to Babel Tower and a kayaking trip to Upper Green. Babel Tower is a gorgeous swimming hole located in Linville Gorge. The campers hiked down into the gorge and got to swim in the pool, slide down a natural rock slide and even rock jump into the water. WHOA!  The guys that went today were: Wilson B, Miles A, Will C, Connall S, Finn S, Barrett C, Jaime V, and Mason S.

Kayaking also had a blast shredding the Upper Green River where the boys tackled II-IV grade rapids and demonstrated the skills they’d been taught in kayaking these past two weeks. The campers who took on this feat were Banks P, Ryker R, Henry O, Noah P, and Jack V. 

Famished after a busy morning, the boys ran up to the Tuck ready for lunch which was…… chicken fingers and sweet potato fries! Definitely one of the best lunches to end on. Once the meal was concluded, the winner of the coveted golden plunger was announced: Greybeard! Amazing job guys! We also announced the winner of last night’s tribal game, commando, which was the MIGHTY GOLDEN EAGLES. Another strong victory for their tribe! 

Dinner included Hawaiian meatballs, pasta, bread rolls, and carrots. Tucker C broke counselor Spencer’s record by eating 71 meatballs!! We also celebrated Henry O’s 16th birthday with cookie cake and, of course, a birthday serenade.

After dinner, everyone at camp trekked up to the council ring for our special campfire ceremony: Little Chief. At Little Chief, boys were recognized for bars in activities, counselor and camper commendations as well as promotions in the Little Chief system. This ceremony is designed to foster servant leadership and encourage our guys to develop courage, humility, grit and empathy. The guys honored tonight included: 

Finch’s Landing

Camper: Hudson H

Counselor: Leland I

Further Up

Camper: Andrew C, Murphy D

Counselor: Andrew C, Walker S

Further In

Camper: Mose C, Warren L

Counselor: Mose C, William B

Tiger Tooth

Camper: Charles A, Talton A

Counselor: Sam G, Talton A


Camper: Grant S, Robert I

Counselor: Daniel G, Grant S


Camper: Charles L, Myer S

Counselor: Edward I, Charlie T

Little Piney

Camper: Chris C, Porter S

Counselor: Sean A,  Wilson H

Big Piney

Camper: Luke T, Robbie G, Pace W

Counselor: Sam G, Robbie G, Pace W

Stomper’s Knob

Camper: Andrew I, Wyatt F, Carter K

Counselor: McKeen K, Matthew G, David K

Little Slaty

Camper: Tucker L, Stephens J, Henry L

Counselor: Sanders H, Duke A, David F

Big Slaty

Camper: Quinn B, Connall S

Counselor: Finn S, Edward S


Camper: Sam C

Counselor: Noah P


Little Chief Promotions

Scout: Charles A, Talton A, Andrew C, Sawyer C, Jack D, Sam G, Hezekiah G, Hudson H, Warren L, Camp M, Gus S, Samuel S, Teddy S

Guide: Murphy D, David H, Rives J, Asher K, Grant S, Myer S

Pioneer: James H, Robert I, Edward I, Walker S, Hayes W

Tracker: Duke S, Edward B, Quinn B, Alston M, Porter S, Luke R, Andrew T, James W

Hunter: Will C, Tucker C, Wyatt F, Cade D, Wes H, Edward B, Ryan H, Andrew I, Finn S, Connell S, Connor T, Gus T, Luke T

Warrior: Wilson B, David K, Edward S

We will miss these boys so much, and are so excited to show you how much they’ve all grown in the past two weeks with us! We’re so excited to see all of y’all tomorrow!

Chandler Grace Ghegan


Tennis Instructor and Lifeguard