As reveille sounded throughout the grounds of Camp Timberlake this morning, our campers were PUMPED for their first full day of 1B. After a thunderstorm had brought some much needed rain, the cool air blanketed camp as many campers wore sweatshirts up to breakfast. Campers and staff all raced to breakfast, waffle sticks and sausage awaiting, eager to fuel their bodies for a fun filled day. Following a delicious meal, we gathered outside to hear Teddy do the morning yell, featuring a whole lot of laughs and, well, yelling. During chapel, we sang some of our favorite songs and heard a true story from John about God’s power in that he created the heavens and the earth with his words.

Camp was super active today as campers were ecstatic to begin their first activities. We saw some huge successes across archery, diving, riflery, climbing, and tennis. In archery, Sam C, Barrett C, and Aubrey S all achieved their silver bars during free time and Banks P achieved his bronze in archery as well. In diving, Graham W nailed his gainer and Fitch W got a bronze grouping in riflery. Robbie G killed it in climbing, getting his silver bar. Finally, in tennis, Matt S. won King of the Court and Wills W. won Touch the Fence! Awesome job boys and keep up the great work!

On our trips today, we had a rafting trip venture to the French Broad river and a fly fishing trip to South Hampton. Shredding the rapids today were Grayson B, Jaxson F, Noah H, Eric H, William M, Drew R, Luke R, Palmer E, Thomas H, Maddox K, James S, and Fred T. These guys killed section 9 of this river and showed their grit when facing the swells. Out fly fishing were Emmet M, Carter M, Will S, Mason S, Griffin W, and Hayes T. They caught tons of fish and had lots of fun on the river.

Lunch today included peaches, mini corn dogs, and mac and cheese which was a favorite for many of the campers. We also celebrated two birthdays, Hill W. and Matthew D, with candles, cookies cake, and cheers! Then it was time for the best time of day: rest time followed by free time! Junior camp enjoyed a free swim at the lake today during free time while other campers worked on bars in activities. For dinner, we enjoyed beef brisket on fresh dinner rolls, corn casserole, and baked beans. A classic American summer meal for sure! After we enjoyed some amazing sugar cookies for dessert, the sultan of fun announced that the evening activity was…. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. This game features 9 stations around camp in which campers must complete a series of tasks to secure the base for their tribe. We will have to wait to see who won this great game tomorrow at lunch.

As all the campers walked back to their cabins, the sun set over the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance, painting the sky with pastel oranges and pinks. We can’t wait to bring you more exciting news from camp but for now, I am signing off. Good night Timberlake!

Chandler Grace Ghegan

Head Tennis Instructor and Lifeguard

Proud Black Bear