So things are coming along nicely up here at camp!  The Wishing Well is looking awesome and I really can’t wait for our nurses to see it.  Needless to say, they are going to be pumped.  Obviously, I hope none of our campers get sick, but if you do…all is not lost because this is definitely the nicest building on camp property thanks to our developer, Robert Sulaski.

The back porch (AKA the Patti-O) is getting a beautiful stone fireplace and will be such a neat place to sit and rest.

What I like the most about this building is that it is completely out of the normal flow of camp activities.  It is very nicely “tucked” into a little corner of camp that was never used.  Which I think is pretty cool!

I will keep updating you guys with the finishing touches in the coming weeks.

Go Iroquois!

Director Dan