On this chilly morning, campers arose from their bunks with excitement in their hearts. They could smell the French toast and sausage all the way from village two. Everyone hustled eagerly to the dining hall, excited for the day’s activities. After breakfast, campers made the hike up to the Mark for worship and chapel. The Camp Hymn sounded fuller and louder today; a sense of familiarity is forming on this new and beautiful property. Counselor Tom L. from Further In told a great True Story about getting lost and his own father helping find his way back home. He related this to God’s ability and desire to bring each of His beloved children home to Him.

Today was the second day of classes, meaning an entirely new schedule of activities. New groups of campers entered each class ready to learn and experience what the instructors had to teach them. Faces lit up at the thought of climbing all the way to the top of the climbing wall, creating a delicious mixture of brownies and cookies, and jumping off the dive tower. Scott K. and Lucas O. crushed the new climbing wall for the first time each. Pace L. conquered his fear of jumping off the tower (twice)!

After the first set of classes, campers were hungry, so they rushed to the Tuck for lunch. Today was the best lunch…mac and cheese and mini corndogs! After everyone stuffed themselves silly, the whole camp stood and sang happy birthday to Owen F. His whole cabin enjoyed the cake that our wonderful kitchen staff made for him. Next, the hype-meter turned all the way to “extremely hype” and the drumroll began; the question was, who won Mission Impossible last night? As expected, this session is going to be close, as the Powerful Seminoles took home last night’s game. All the Seminoles gathered together and sang their fight song and tribe hymn.

After lunch was a free swim for all of Junior Camp…those boys did not stop smiling the entire time! Next were third and fourth period classes. Leo R. shot Counselor Jackie L. in paintball, a feat that many of us have not been able to accomplish. In guitar, Griffin P. and Jesse C. spent their class trying to learn Wonderwall by Oasis. In the same building, over in cooking, Jacob A. and Jonathan A. made some scrumptious treats. Where can I get the recipe for cookie/brownies? Back in climbing, Garrison B. helped the instructors teach the essential figure-8-follow-through knot.

We also had an awesome trip go out waterskiing today. Counselor Bryan V. had some good notes from the trip. Dalton B. tried wakeboarding, and showed tremendous improvement and grit. Nate G., Wyatt G., Evan H., and Garrett S. loved hanging out on Lake James and really enjoyed their time learning adventure water sports. Jack A. gave some great advice to a fellow camper: “hold onto the handle as if when you let go, you are letting go of summer – and you don’t want to do that”. We feel the same way, Jack. Summer is a great time, especially when you’re at camp.

We just finished dinner, and campers are up in the Mark competing for their tribes in a game of Battleball. If the past two days have told us anything, this game is going to be competitive, and close! We won’t know who won until tomorrow, but this Proud Iroquois sure hopes it’s the Black and White! Here’s to another great day at Camp Timberlake!

Connor Aycock

Mighty Iroquois

Senior Camp Cabin Area Director – Tomahawk

The University of Alabama