Reveille: the first sound of the day. As campers stretched and yawned, they prepared themselves for another fun day at camp. Campers rushed to the dining hall and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of hashbrown casserole. Once bellies were full and we had our morning yell, everyone headed to chapel. Songs were sung, finishing off with the camp hymn, and then we heard a True Story from counselor Austin S. He told the camp about how God is our Father and helps us in our time of need.

Cabin cleanup was the first challenge of the day. After cabin cleanup, everyone headed to their activities, and so much was accomplished! Alex E. learned two new songs in guitar. Ren G., Sean R., and Blake P. all earned their bronze in fencing. Dalton B. earned his bronze in climbing, and AJ earned his bronze in paintball. It’s wonderful seeing so many young men grow in their activities!

For lunch, we ate delicious subs, curly fries, and fruit. We also got a special visit from Action Jackson (Joe V.) Vertical Jones (Henry M.), and Mad Max (Connor A.) – our counselor skit of the day.

Rest time was next, and camp went silent, waiting for the bugle to signal Trading Post and free time. During free time, staff opened several fun activities! There was a free climb, fencing bars, guitar lessons, and so much more! Once free time was over, it was time for the next set of classes. Nate G. and Sam C. had a blast in the class of improvisation, and Tom B. and Gabe V. played ultimate frisbee in field sports. To finish off, Thomas H. and his other classmates did the blob at the end of swimming class!

Dinner was a delicious entrée of chicken alfredo with vegetables and rolls. Afterwards, the sultan of fun, Counselor Winston H. , announced the evening activity- Pirate Ball! This game is a symphony of fun and adventure – from fencing, to water polo, to scavenger hunts and rafts full of pirates. Picture all of this happening with the soundtrack from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean playing in the background – it is truly an epic activity.

As I am writing this, the two tribes are competing, and by tomorrow, we all get to hear who is the victor of the sea! For me, I’m cheering for the Blue and Gold! Today was another great adventure here at Camp Timberlake. Go Noles!

John Hovell

Proud Seminole

Further Up

University of North Georgia