Today, as always, was a busy day at Camp Timberlake. Climbers took a trip to Shiprock, on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The campers on this trip were Garrison B, Miles B, Jonah O, Jacob A, Owen F, and Eli C. These young men climbed some intro routes, as well as some more advanced routes. Meanwhile, backpackers took a trip to Babel Tower located in the heart of the Linville Gorge. Campers enjoyed a short hike in, and were awarded with a gorgeous view of the waterfall and a stellar swimming hole. After taking a dip, campers ate lunch and hiked out. Campers on this trip were, Jesse C, Thompson B, Jack B, Leo R, Griffin P, Jonah O, Gabe V, Hunter S, Henry B, Logan B, Tommy S, Jake C. Both trips arrive back at camp before dinner, which was followed by the Little Chief Ceremony.


   Little Chief is a ceremony in which we recognize campers growth. Throughout their time at Timberlake, campers strive to earn bars. Bars are objectives ranging from bronze to gold. Campers earning their bronze in airsoft tonight include, William B, Case M, Griffin R, Max W, Owen F, Dillon W. Earning his silver in airsoft tonight, Ren G. Campers earning their bronze in riflery tonight include, Hunter S, Wyatt S, and Ren G. Campers earning their bronze in archery tonight include, Richard B and Aiden M. Earning his gold in archery tonight, Jake H. Campers earning their bronze in rocketry include, Blake P, Neil R, Blake C, and Ryan B. Campers earning their silver in rocketry include, Porter S, Ben L, Gabe V, Owen F, Jesse C, Max W, Scott K, and Brennan B. Campers earning their bronze in Climbing include, Jonathan A, Nate G, Daniel S, Porter S, Dalton B, and Henry B. Earning his gold in climbing tonight, Garrison B. Campers earning their bronze in wrestling include William B, Ben L, and Sean R. Earning his silver in wrestling, Dillion W. Campers  earning their bronze in fencing include Blake P, Ren G, Sean R, Barrett C, HP, Fox S, Tucker L, Colin F, Griffin R, Owen F, and Garrett S. Earning their silver in fencing tonight, Hugh S and Porter S. Campers earning their bronze in swimming tonight include Pace L, Ben E, and Ren G. Earning their silver in Swiming, Charles B, Thomas H, and Ryan C. Earning their gold in swimming, Tate L, Ryan C. Earning his silver in guitar, Owen S. Earning his gold in guitar, Dillon W. Campers earning their bronze in improv include, Pace L, Andrew S, Nate G, HP, Collin F, and Blake P. Campers earning their bronze in paintball include, Charlie B, Kain P, and Dillon W.

   As tonight draws to a close, we spend time saying goodbye to our two week campers who are leaving tomorrow. It’s sad to see these kids, who we have gotten to know over the past couple weeks, leave but we are thankful to have gotten the opportunity to share great experiences at camp together. We look forward to seeing these campers return to Timberlake next year!


Shawn Feagin