Recovering from an incredible game of Search and Destroy, campers started the day by listening to the CITs yelling and waking up the Senior Camp. Once arriving at The Tuck, all of us got to eat freshly made pancakes and sausage. After all of the crazy meal shenanigans, everyone ran up to the Mike for chapel. There, Tom Landers gave a great true story with a better message. Cabin clean up was nothing to brag about today, only one cabins scored over a nine which was the winner, Big Slaty.

   Today was no different than others in the fact that campers of all ages were excelling in their activities . Alejandro A killed it in the soccer game during field sports. David H. crushed the climbing wall today. On the Crooked Mile, Gabe V and Ryan O worked on new skills and got to put them to the test in mountain biking. One outstanding moment in camp came in mountain biking when Cole G learned how to ride a bike for the first time ever. In guitar, Graham R, James S, and Michael C earned their bronze bar.  Another fun moment happened at the lake, the campers got to walk the dogs down to the lake today to swim for a while. On the basketball court, Brandon C. was given the most improved award for the day. On trips today were Adriano B, Liam B, Mateo B, Jonah O, Garrison B, and Miles B, they went mountain biking. As well as Bryce B, Thomas I, Christian L and Sean L got to go water skiing all day long leaving right after breakfast. In kayaking, the first two periods worked really hard to get their forward sweep strokes down, helping them to mastering river skills.

   At lunch, we all got to see the showdown between Rex and Dex versus the Ichabod Brothers. Both wanted to stay here at camp but they battled it out in a game of rock, paper, scissors. Rex went scissors and defeated the Ichabod brothers. During free time, campers had a choice between riflery, fencing, climbing, and mountain biking, giving everyone lots of opportunity to get their bars. In mountain biking Mason B killed it on the pump track, again. Other campers had fun in their own way, Owen S caught a bass out of the lake while others played beach volleyball for a while. In cooking, campers learned how to make sliders, allowing them work on their grilling skills. Overall great day at camp so far, who knows what’s for dinner but it will definitely be good. A long and exciting night awaits all the boys with the evening and the post evening activities.


Signing off,

Ford Lange, Proud Iroquois and CIT for Big Piney