Today was a great day! Lots of trips went out, including a mountain biking trip consisting of John B., Travis R., Andrew T., Tommy P., Grayson E., Nick G., and Miles S. They went to Dupont and rode Jim Branch and Hilltop and finished by taking the ridgeline down. I am told all participants performed very well. Here at camp today, we had a lot going on too. Robert S., Quincy G., and Bailey F. recieved bronzes in fencing, marking their first step in mastering the activity.

Today was also Hunger Games. Individuals called “tributes” are locked into a free for all called “Battle Royale.” The winner gets both a mark towards Little Chief as well as a point towards the banner for their tribe. This causes many people in the same tribe to team up to make sure they get the point for their tribe. Before they duke it out, the other campers had a chance to win sponsorships, giving their tributes bonuses at the start. These bonuses included a sword (a pool noodle), bagged lunched (otherwise they must pick it up at a specific location), and one less flag around their waist (if someone pulls their flag they are out and one less means they have less to protect). The sponsorships can be given for many different activity achievements. These include catching a fish at the lake, beating staff in a game of volleyball, beating staff in dueling tower, beating staff in wrestling, beat staff in fencing, climbing certain routes on the rock wall, and winning the lower cabin capture the flag game. These sponsorships are very beneficial for the tributes and often push the odds into their favor.

After the sponsorships are won, it is time for the game to begin. Each tribute is blindfolded and led to the cornucopia which is a giant structure filled with “weapons” and supplies. They stand around the cornucopia in a large circle while their personal bag of supplies and items won from sponsorships are set in front of them. There is then a countdown given over a loud speaker and when it dings they take off their blind fold and the game begins. Many try to either pick up their own bag and book it somewhere safe or run into the cornucopia to collect supplies. In this game, the Iroquois gained control of the cornucopia and spread supplies among themselves to be better prepared to take on the Seminoles. Most of the Seminoles ran up the hill toward the counsel ring for safety from the newly strengthened Iroquois. As the game progresses, people get out and the numbers dwindle. Twice for this game the “dogs” were let out. The dogs are counselors and if they are able to tag a tribute, that tribute is out.

Additionally, today was Tribalpalooza. Instead of having normal activity periods, campers get to play activities all day long! Overall, it was a busy and exciting day here at Camp Timberlake. The boys will sleep well tonight!

Signing out,

Cooper Denning

Big Piney

Belmont University ’21