It was a great day here at Timberlake! Today we opened session 2B and welcomed a new group of outstanding campers. This morning was, admittedly, bittersweet as we said goodbye and see you next summer to our 2A campers. It was a joy to watch them begin to tell their families about all the adventures they’d had during their week here, and to speak with so many families already making plans to return next summer.

An afternoon rain shower couldn’t dampen our spirits as we checked in the new campers and jumped right into tribal initiation. One of my favorite parts of these special ceremonies we have at camp is watching the leadership displayed by our oldest campers. Tonight at initiation, I was proud to watch the tribal leaders of both the Seminole and Iroquois welcoming the new warriors into the tribe. Each night, we compete with one another to win the banner, but the most powerful part of tribes here at camp is the way they allow our guys to form close bonds of friendship across all ages. 

Our new Seminoles are: William C., Roberto P., Gowan J., Walker J., Peyton L., and Andrew K.

Our new Iroquois are: Walker C., Adam W., Aaron W., Mason A., Hunter P., Robert P., and Danny W.

Some of our full session campers took the day out canoeing the French Broad river. John B., Evan B., Andrew R., Mason S., Wells F., Hugh P., and Reid F. had a great time paddling today. Additionally, we welcomed back Ben C., Nolan S., Trey W., Xander E., Trip C., and Oren S. back from an epic overnight backpacking trip to Linville Gorge.

As I write this, the campers are all headed back to their cabins after a spirited first game of the session, Sock War! We won’t find out who won until tomorrow at lunch, but I can tell you that going into the last round tonight, the score was neck and neck. Be sure to check in each day to read about all the different activities going on here at Timberlake. We are excited for the session ahead and thankful to all our families for sharing their amazing campers with us this summer!

Until tomorrow,

John Menendez

Director, Camp Timberlake

Former Big Piney, Big Slaty and Greybeard Counselor

Proud Seminole