In celebration of Cowboy Joe we here at Camp Timberlake spent the better part of our day participating in activities that envelop the true spirit of who Cowboy Joe is said to have been. We began our day an hour later than usual and eagerly waited for the sound of John Menendez’s golf cart driving along in reverse!  On day joe boy-cow happy  things look a bit uncanny in that close to everything we do is the same but we do it in the same manner as the golf cart is driven! IN REVERSE. Our clothes are inside-out! Our Classes are last to first, and our meals are ate outdoors instead of in!  For breakfast we had Nutdoughs and Cocoa flavored Cow Juice. We cleaned our Cabins as usual, but instead of heading to the each person’s first daily activity we began the day by competing in a Tribal Game of Battle-ball.

As the day continued the boys continued to work hard in their activities by earning bars and mastering new skills. Gary M., Lucas R., earned their Bronze bar and Gavin B., faced off against the instructor to a draw for his Gold requirement. In more news, Robert T., and Jack V., began the process of earning their Silver bar. In Outback we saw many colorful pieces of pottery acquiring layers of Glaze as the boys were finishing up their masterpieces. Up at the Mark, Basketball was instructed by Logan B., and Cole L. and we had campers Charles P., Cooper S., Gretshon C., Trey D., and Drew J. earn their Silver Bar. Outside on Spencer’s Green we had many campers achieve their Bronze bars. Up and over at Ridgeline we have a shout out for Drew J. who shred the trails well today.  

Little Piney enjoyed a beautiful day hike as a cabin today over at Upper Creek Falls!

The weather held up and the kids swam and slid down the natural water slide all afternoon.

Andrew R. celebrated his birthday with his cabin and worked on his Backpacking bars while in the outdoors! Mateo S., Alejandro D., Alberto C., Wells F., Charles P., Neil R., Robert B., Gavin

Logan R., Grant R., Julian A., Nicholas, Mac P. all were laughing and enjoying themselves.

For Dinner we had a roasted pig that was slowly being made to enjoy at tonight’s dinner on the white sandy beach. The Pork was served alongside some delicious brownies and Mac and Cheese. Now I really should be going… I would not want to miss both the Black Mountain Oysters playing at Vespers and our last Tribal Game of the evening! Till next time.


Bryan Vidal


Liberty University


Little Piney Counselor


Proud Seminole


Water Skiing Instructor