The day started out like any other great day at Timberlake, except today was the last day of camp for our session 2 campers. We started the day with a great breakfast of sausages, eggs, and hash browns, followed by the iconic morning yell and a lovely chapel. After packing, campers headed to their final day of activities. Recognized later that night during the Final Campfire, Javier R., Gavin W., Paolo C. earned their bronze in airsoft, while Chase G. was able to finish his final requirement to earn a silver in the class. Reid F. earned his bronze in archery and Trey D. had the remarkable achievement of earning his gold in the same activity. In backpacking, Ben C. was able to earn his bronze. Bronze in climbing was earned by Will M., Rich J., Mac P., Quincy G., and Aiden R. In fencing, Lucas R., Julian A., Trey W., Walker C., Sam O., and Gary M. earned their bronze bars. Fencing silver bars were earned by Logan B., Gavin B., and Julian W. Ben C. and Jack V. demonstrated their musical skills in guitar by earning bronze; Connor G., Drew J., and Ford S. earned their bronze in improv. Hugh P., Wells F., and Reid F. all earned bronze in canoeing; Adam V., Max C., and Miles S. achieved their silvers in kayaking. Jake L. earned gold in kayaking. After hosting an awesome paintball tournament, John S. earned his silver in paintball, while his fellow campers Robert T., Nathan G., and Mateo S. earned their bronze. Max C. and Greyson E. earned bronze in riflery, while Davis M. with earned silver. Both Logan B. and Jeb S. earned their gold in riflery, earning them not only the two marks but their names on the gold plaque in the Mark. In rocketry Quincy G. was the sole earner of a bronze bar. Going back to the water, Trey D., Parker D., Alberto C., Neil R., and Mason S. earned their bronze in swimming; while Robert T., Javier R., Mason J., Ben S., Dylan D., Travis R., Gavin W., Nash D., Jack W., Trey W., Hugh H., and Rylan S. earned their silver. Nik P., showing off his great progress in the water and earned his gold. Andrew F., Parker D., Jeb S., and Quinten S. were able to earn their bronze in wrestling and a silver bar was achieved by Daniel V. Conquering the infamous Deer Slayer, Cole L. and Seth W. earned their gold in wrestling.

After activities, we had a delicious dinner of chicken fried steak and capped off a great meal with the best dessert of camp…. s’more pockets! Following dinner, the campers attended the Final Campfire where campers are recognized for the bars they earned, by their peers and counselors through commendations, and by the Little Chief system through promotions. In our youngest cabin, Huckleberry, Mason A. and Hunter P. received camper commendations; Peyton L. and Gowan J. recieved counselor commendations. For Finch’s Landing, camper commendations were earned by Emerson F. and Gary M., while counselor commendations went to Louis F. In Further Up, Cooper E. and Hugh H. earned camper commendations; Roberto P., Hutton S., and Jayden S. were recognized by their counselors through commendations. In Further In, camper commendations went to Aiden R., and Andrew S., while counselor commendations went Aiden R. and Nolan S. Now for our senior camp, the cabin of Little Piney awarded camper commendations to Grant R. and Andrew R. and counselor commendations to Wells F. and Charles V. Big Piney gave camper commendations to Preston C. and Dylan D. and counselor commendations to Preston C. and John B. In Stomper’s Knob, camper commendations went to Ben S. and Oren S. and counselor commendations went to Will M. and Oren S. For the cabin of Little Slaty, Lucas R. and Javier R. earned camper commendations and Lucas R. and Lance H. earned counselor commendations. Big Slaty camper commendations went to Hugh P. and Charles P. and counselor commendations went to Drew J. and Robert T. Now for the oldest cabin of Greybeard, camper commendations went to Seth B. and Cole L. and counselor commendations went to Jeb S. and Reid F.

The last recognition for Final Campfire is the promotions, and off to a great start was Aiden R. and Jack W. earning their Scout bands. Cooper E. and Jack V. were promoted to Guides and Nolan S. became a Pioneer. Chase G., Wells F., Dylan D., Nick G., Nathan G., Will M., Nik P., Travis R., and Julien W. became Trackers earning their green band. Max C. and James S. achieved the rank of Hunter and Robert T. earned his Warrior status. Last, but certainly not least, Jake L. was able to achieve the rank of Little Chief, a feat only a few men in Timberlake history have accomplished. Lastly, we listened to our Greybearders give a heartfelt goodbye to being campers as they reflected and gave a few words of encouragement to the younger campers.


Signing off,

Jackie Lin