It was another amazing opening day here at Camp Timberlake. Session three is off to a fast paced and action packed start as the boys have all jumped in with two feet. Speaking of two feet, it sure seemed like all our returning campers had grown about that much over the past year. One of the great joys we have as a staff is watching our campers return to Timberlake year after year and seeing how they’ve grown each time. There were reunions of old friends and even more new friendships beginning to form as a great new group of campers was welcomed into the Timberlake family today.

A big part of that welcome is tribal initiation, where the Seminoles and Iroquois each received a excellent group of new warriors, ready to write their names in the record books as banner champions. Each night, the two tribes compete in big games that take place all over camp. At the end of the session, the tribe that won the most games is crowned banner champion. As I type this, the guys are kicking off the first big game of the session, Sock War! A camp favorite, Sock War is a capture the flag style game where campers can get each other out by throwing balled up socks at one another.

Our new Iroquois are: Ethan C., Max S., Ferdinand B., Nolan B., Jake B., Constantin B., Johannes B., Nicholas D., Theodore F., Miller F., Spencer L., Noah L., Sebastian P., Jack P., David R., John R., Lowry S., Juan T., and Diego T.,

Our new Seminoles are: Turner A., Dominic A., Troy A., Brandon B., Scott B., Asher C., Robert D., Briggs F., Bryan H., Smith L., Sebastian O., Caleb P., Cole R., Freddy V., Noah V., and William V.

Be sure to tune in every night to see pictures and read a blog post about all that happened at camp that day. Thank you so much for sharing your sons with us this summer and we are excited for all of the adventures that lie ahead.

Great Camping,


Director, Camp Timberlake