Last night’s cabin night was amazing!

New talents were discovered, new adventure’s were taken, and new friends were made. It was hard to pry the cabins apart for the next day’s activities but, all good things must come to a close. It’s time for cabins to head to the second day in their Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday classes.

In activities Climbing learned how to tie a figure eight follow through knot and how to belay. Ben C. and Liam P. can perfectly knot a figure eight follow through knot. The basketball instructor praised today’s classes saying, “everyone had good effort and a great attitude”! Also, there are reports of a “CRAZYYY” game of Ultimate Frisbee in 4th period Team Sports. Lastly, the mountain biking instructor has to say that Charles T.  killed it at the pump track this afternoon!

A water skiing trip that consisted of Harrison D., Wes D., Jackson D., Robert D., Juan T., and Diego T. went great! Message from the trip leader, “Juan y Diego hicieron excelente”! Another trip that went out today, Climbing! That trip consisted of Dash V., Jack K. Christian S, Lance K., Alex W., Cole S., Freddy V, and Grant S! Those guys went to a killer climbing location called “Snake Den”! The final trip to go out was a fly fishing trip. Campers Scott B., Charlie O., Max S., and Jonathan H. Spencer V. G., and Dash V. all fly fished this afternoon. No report on what was caught. I’d say ask, but keep in mind the fish is always bigger in hindsight.

Since cabin night didn’t count towards the banner, tonight we make for it by playing two evening activities! Sr. Camp is playing Ultimate Basketball and Jr. Camp is playing Slip-N-Slide Kickball. Victories from each activity will be counted towards the banner. Tune in tomorrow to see which generation will earn the victory for your tribe. (*hopefully both!)


Happy Camping!

Andrew Daeger

*whispers “go iroquois!”