Camp Timberlake woke up to a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns, biscuits, and sausage links. A great way to kick off a busy day full of friends and adventure. At the chapel, we sang camp classics such as “Say Hossana” and “The Banana Song.” Our friendly neighborhood camp director, John Menendez, gave the chapel talk this morning and Counselor Michael A. led worship. As always, campers were busy earning bars in their activities; Pierce H. and Thomas S. earned their bronzes in airsoft. Airsoft also tried a new game mode called “Stalingrad.” In riflery, Adam V. and Lance H. earned their bronzes. Trip C., Walker C., John B., Will E., Nolan S., and Dalton S. took a kayaking trip to the Tuckaseegee River in Dillsboro, North Carolina. William C., Nikola G., Ryan G., Boone G., Carson G., and John C. took a water skiing trip in the morning to Lake James. For lunch, we had some delicious stromboli and found out that the Iroquois won both Battle Ball and Stealing Skins yesterday. (we had two evening activities on Cowboy Joe day) The afternoon was filled with rest time, trading post, free time, and of course more activities. Trey D. worked on his gold in field sports. Ben C. earned his silver in guitar and his bronze in archery. The cooking class made some absolutely positively delicious Buffalo Chicken Dip. Wells F., Charlie V., Spencer M., Logan M., Noah N., and Ian M. left for an overnight backpacking trip to Table Rock. Water skiing took a second trip in the afternoon with Xander E., David F., Jack V., Jack W., Kenan A., and Parker H. After a busy afternoon, we were treated to a dinner of Salisbury Steak, Rice, Biscuits, and Carrots, which fueled us up for our evening activity, Age of Empires. A day at Camp Timberlake never fails to leave everyone involved ready for bed and excited for tomorrow.



Shawn Feagin

BME Kayaking Instructor