Ahhh yes, another wonderful day here at Camp Timberlake, a day filled with adventure and play. A Saturday to remember for sure. The boys were awoken to the smell of French toast and sausage links wafting through the air. After a few glasses of milk for the campers, and some mugs of coffee for the staff, the population was ready to start the day. 

As the traditional morning yell commenced, the boy’s voices filled the air and a certain mood could be felt. A mood insisting that today would be a good day. After chapel and cabin cleanup, it was time to head to activities. Being that it is in fact ‘National Ride Your Mountain Bike Day’ it only seemed fitting that the mountain biking classes headed out to shred the camp trails. Meanwhile, the cooking classes learned how to make the perfect game day treat, Buffalo Chicken Dip! 

While most of our boys were in camp, a few others decided to venture out into the wild for a few trips. Jackson D, Cullen L, JT H, Gavin W, Tyler B, Brayden C, and Andres D, took a hike out to Shinning Rock, a beautiful view of the NC mountains. Peter Q, Santiago D, Will G, Peter B, Spencer VG, and Charlie W headed out on a super cool climbing trip to Ship rock mountain. Enrique D, Magne E, Michael F, Geoffrey M, Teddy O, David S, and Mason B also made their way to section four of the French Broad for an upper cabin canoeing trip!

As the morning moved on, eventually it was time for lunch! Subs and Fries waited for the guys along with plenty of fresh cantaloupe and honeydew. After lunch, there were many staff announcements to be made! As the counselors approached the mic, it was announced that swimming, biking, archery, field sports, and basketball would be open for all the guys at free time! The roar of excitement was deafening. It was also announced that the Iroquois won last night’s evening activity of counselor hunt. Oh yeah, it was also announced the cabin of Little Slaty (aka the cleanest cabin) won cabin cleanup yet again with the score of a perfect 10! After rest time, the guys made their way to the various activities to spend free time.

After free time it was back to activities! Disc Golf got to play the brand new back 9 holes for the first time! Even better though, the puppies got to take a little trip down to the lake to go canoeing!

At 5:30 it was finally time for dinner. Fajitas and chips were served, with an option of pasta as well. After dinner, the classic “and now” was yelled, sending the dining hall into a frenzy. A brand new game, “Age of Empires!” was yelled and all the boys went crazy! Will the Seminoles pull through with a win? Or will the Iroquois come out on top yet again?

Check back in tomorrow to find out!

Checking out,

Nick Leonard

Little Slaty counselor

Proud Seminole