Another wonderful Tuesday at Camp has come to pass once again. After waking up after Reveille and enjoying a breakfast of sausage and eggs, campers headed to Chapel, where they sang old favorites such as “Give Me Oil” and heard a story from John M., and then returned to their cabins to clean (the cabin of Little Slaty won Cabin Cleanup with a 9.25) and prepare for the action-packed day ahead of them.

It rained a bit, but that has never stopped us from having fun at Timberlake! In the morning, campers went to their activities indoors, both learning new skills and demonstrating excellence in their favorite electives. In Cooking, campers made pizza today, a popular recipe among all ages. In Climbing, campers learned about the art of crack climbing and worked on knots, an imperative lesson for those eager to climb on the multiple climbing trips Camp offers all across the area. Field Sports played games of Ultimate Football, and campers in the activity of PAWS took the puppies on walks along the Crooked Mile, a series of trails in the woods of Camp. Riflery used paintballs as targets today, adding a splatter to the already exciting moment of impact.

Afterwards, campers ate a lunch of pasta and discovered who won the activity of Cabin Night yesterday: everyone! After a brief break during “the best time (rest time)”, campers rushed towards the Trading Post for a midday snack and went to various activities during free time to work on bars, receiving additional instruction in activities ranging from Guitar to Swimming. Gresham C. obtained three groupings towards earning his gold bar in Archery. Teddy O. received not only a bronze bar in Wrestling, but also earned his silver in Fencing. In Canoeing, Magne F. and Mason B. earned their silver bars. Way to go guys!

After a dinner of country fried steak and a dessert of oreo dream, we played a game of Pirateball, where the two tribes, the proud Seminoles and mighty Iroquois, compete in activities such as water polo, fencing, water balloon-launching, and treasure hunting!

Two trips went out on the rivers and lakes of Western North Carolina today, with Charlie J., Max S., Charles O., Geoffrey M., Phillip S. and Enrique D. challenging themselves kayaking and Sanders A., Max B., Briggs F., Ethan H., Wyatt M., and Banks O. shredding waves waterskiing.

Overall, today has been yet another amazing adventure for the young men here at Camp Timberlake. As the sun sets over the hills, campers head to bed to prepare for an equally incredible (if not better) day tomorrow. Stay tuned for more news coming soon!


Signing off,


Michael Allen

Guitar Instructor

Proud Seminole