We started our day off with a hearty breakfast of biscuits, eggs and hash browns and a lot of milk as usual. Followed by a morning yell lead by Joe V., we had chapel where we had a true story with Carter B. about a bear attack and who Jesus is. Fortunately no one was hurt in this story and the Carter’s fishing guide was able to scare away a charging Grizzly bear. Much like Jesus saving our souls, Carter’s fishing guide was able to protect him and his father. After Chapel we had cabin clean up and headed to our morning activities.

As the day warmed up, we had a climbing trip go out to Snake’s Den where Tommy A., Mason B., Travis R., William I., Issac H., Taymar H., and Mitchel B., Michael J got some good experience rock climbing lead by Ben A. and Jacob. We also had a fishing trip where Cole N., Lucas S., Austin Y., Diego T. learned the ins and outs of proper fishing. Moreover, we had a Mountain Biking trip to DuPont where Andres D., Ben A., David R, Riley D., Enrique D., and Philip S., and Daniel H. had a challenging but fun ride lead by Nate S. and Nick L. During basketball class this morning, the boys got to jam out to music and scrimmage full court. For lunch we had taco in bag and a healthy salad option. After lunch, each tribe met to practice their tribe chant and voted on the positions of lookout.

During free time today, Junior Camp (the cabins Huckleberry, Finches’ Landing, Further Up, and Further In) had a free swim where they got to cool off in the lake. The Trading Post was open and busy as always and the Bouldering was open to campers as well. Moreover, the morning Cooking classes got to enjoy some delicious cookies during this time too. During 4th period field sports today, we played a game of flag football where boys practiced their routes (the slant, post, stop and go, and the fly)and trick plays like the flee flicker. It was a high scoring game with a final score of 42 to 35. For dinner we had roast beef, Tuscan bread, and rice crispies for desert. The Senior Camp boys (the cabins Little Piney, Big Piney, Stomper’s Knob, Little Slatey, Big Slatey and Greybeard) finished their day with a evening activity of Ultimate Basketball where the sports of frisbee and basketball are combined to form a fast-paced game perfect for two tribes like the Seminoles and the Iroquois to go head to head in. Junior Camp finished their night off with a game of kickball where the Seminoles and the Iroquois duked it out.


Happy Camping,


Dennie Hoffacker

Head of Field Sports

Proud Seminole