It was a beautiful Sunday here at camp, but since it was our first full day of 3B it was not a regular Sunday. The campers did their Tuesday classes. However, no first day could stop us from having our traditional Sunday breakfast, cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk. We had the best weather anyone could ask for today, not too hot and no rain! The campers started the day with chapel where we sang classics such as The Banana Song, Every Move I Make, and a new instant favorite Noah. After that the campers went to compete for a prize like no other, the Golden Plunger. The Golden Plunger is awarded every 2 weeks to the cabin with the best average cabin clean up score.  The cabins are graded out of 10, and if all of the cabins get above an 8.5, then we get to dump ice water on John and then throw him in the lake (He is a good sport). The lowest score today was a 7.75, so we are getting close.
For lunch today we had mac and cheese and mini corn dogs, so the campers left stuffed, which made for a nice and quiet rest time. At the end of lunch the campers learned that the Iroquois won Sock War. During free time and the last 2 classes of the day we had lots of first day achievements and solid first steps. Improv learned the first rule of improv today “Don’t Deny!” Cooking made chocolate chip cookies, and backpacking made a camp fire and s’mores.  Also the entire cabin of Finch’s Landing went to Catawba Falls. So that was Beckett B. Tom B. Bradford C. Reid C. David F. Grady G. Matthew L. Wake P. Jackson S. Theo T. Chase T. and Adam W.
As always Paintball and Airsoft learned the 3 pillars of that class, Honor, Guts, Glory! A couple awesome guys went water skiing today, Cameron T. Aaron S. Will M. Zack C. Ted Q. and Michell B. In wrestling class today the campers learned about the importance of proper foot and head wear on the mat. In kayaking today Rawson B. and Enrique D. learned how to roll and Ted and Peter Q. got their Bronzes. Paws went for a walk and learned some new commands. One more trip went out today and that was the rafting trip. On that trip were John Luke B. David G. Ellison H. Isaac H. Alex H. Max K. George P.- C. and Charles S. We had fried chicken for dinner and afterwards took the camp photo, it was fun but a bit like herding cats, that also just ate dessert. After dinner the Seminoles and Iroquois competed in the evening activity Search and Destroy. They will learn tomorrow after lunch who emerged victorious.

Happy Camping,

Morgan Youngdale
Proud Seminole