Our owner, Adam Boyd, recently shared some of his thoughts on staff feedback with the North Carolina Youth Camp Association


The ACA (American Camping Association) Conference reminded me that staff evaluations, especially difficult conversations, are at the heart of what we love doing-helping people grow.


Jolly Corley suggested that when things get crunchy, when we see the tears starting to well up, we can put camp in perspective by saying something like this: “Keep in mind, I am human and I am wrong a lot of the time. What I am sharing is one person’s perception. It’s your job to decide what is true and what is untrue, make decisions about what you want to change and then choose to do it or not. The alternative is to have these things be the things that people talk about behind your back.”


Growth is painful, so it won’t be easy, but I am looking forward to growing in the way I give feedback this summer. 


Great Camping!

Adam Boyd

Camps Merri-Mac and Timberlake