Welcome to Sunday at Camp Timberlake! It was a special day at camp today because we
celebrated the sabbath, which for us is a day of rest. Like every Sunday, we started out the day
with a camp staple of cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Talk about a great way to start a great day.
While junior camp was eating breakfast, senior camp was getting cabin photos done by our
wonderful photography team.

After senior camp finished breakfast, all of camp moved on to
chapel for a worship jam session. From chapel, camp would normally move into daily activities
but on Sundays we have an entirely different set of activities which include sand-castle building
at the beach, fort building at the backpacking hut, fishing on the lake, and our Sunday Masters
disc golf tournament.

For lunch, we had thanksgiving dinner for lunch, and immediately following
went right into the best hour, rest hour! After lunch, the daily activities opened so that every
camper had the opportunity to work for bronze, silver, or gold bars to progress through the Little
Chief system.

For dinner tonight, the pizza gnomes delivered special pizza picnic dinners to each
cabin at camp! Following dinner our evening activity was Vespers! That means we got an extra
chapel session along with skits provided by both campers and staff. Before the skits begin, John
Menendez gave a true story about how avoiding sin doesn’t work because it just keeps piling up
until you can’t avoid it anymore and the only thing that can clean you of it is Jesus’ grace.

Junior camp ended the day with post evening activities including one of the favorites, free swim, and senior camp ended the day by playing tribal soccer and basketball. While all this was going on at camp today, the cabin of Greybeard went out on their cabin trip which included hiking greybeard mountain just outside Black Mountain, swimming, and dinner together.