A beautiful Tuesday morning started off amazingly well with a beautiful sunrise and a walk down to breakfast where our boys enjoyed eggs, breakfast potatoes, biscuits and the usual assortment of cereal, yogurt and milk. This day was one that could easily be described as a pretty chill day, much like how all of this session is bound to be what with the incredible group of kids and staff that are working together to create a session filled with happiness and fun-filled challenges.

Today we had two trips head out: One a Mountain biking trip consisting of William B, Ford B, Will G, William I and Eiji T. As well as a Climbing trip consisting of Daniel A, Connor B, Cole S, Riley S, Lucas Z and Bo S. I am told that both trips were a hit with the boys that were on them and everyone had a great time and came back talking about the events of the trip.
In Chapel, the Message was told by our backpacking instructor Oliver Whiten on how we are built by God just as there are those of us that build things out of wood, clay or other materials. In our creation, we aren’t made with flaws or imperfections, instead we are made in God’s great image.
Once Chapel was done the boys headed out to their first and second activities and the day had officially begun and these activities went by in a joyous blur. Before we knew it we were back at lunch where we were given a popular option of Chicken Wraps and Waffle Fries with Tomato Soup as a side option. After clearing our plates the boys wating in anticipation to see who would be awarded the crown of cleanest cabin for the day. There was quite the competition between our Tomahawk staff cabin and the Greybeard cabin for who would claim the victory in Cabin Cleanup, but of course, the win went to Greybeard. After that announcement, the room was sent into uproar as the winners of the previous nights games were announced. For the Junior Camp game of Stealing Skins, the victory went to Seminoles and in the Senior camp game of Great Escape the Iroquois came away with the W.
After a relaxing rest time the campers enjoyed a sunny hour of free time. Our senior camp boys headed down to the lake for a free swim where they went off the blob, did flips of the rope swing and had craziest dive contests off our diving boards. The scene could only be described as idyllic as the sun shone down and the music echoed out over the lake, mingling with the laughs and cheers of our free swimmers and crazy diver.
It was at dinner that we received the crowd favorite, Chicken Alfredo with Pasta and Red Sauce as a side option and a delicious dessert of Brownies. But the real excitement comes from the announcement of our evening activity: Bandits Ranchero’s. This is a brand new game this summer and it has already been a huge hit. Picture a massive game of soccer mixed with handball mixed with ultimate frisbee all taking place on the tennis courts and you get the idea. The match was hotly contested and all competitors walked back to their cabin talking about the fun they had and debating which tribe came out on top.
As taps echoes over property we are thankful to have enjoyed another safe, healthy and fun day here at Timberlake, full of growth, friendship and adventure. Be sure to come back tomorrow night to find out who won Bandits Ranchero’s and just how much fun the camp had!
Lewis Kasparek
Big Piney Counselor
Tennis Instructor
Proud Iroquois